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Dealer wants 30 for a half 8th of shake

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Nathan, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Lol what a dumbshit. That's wayyyy too much. How much should a half 8th be? How can I tell him to give me a better deal without sounding like a prick?
  2. half eighth should be like 20 bucks dude...if he's charging you 30 for SHAKE he's fucking you over
  3. For a half 8th of shake, even really high quality, I might pay $15. Tell him you won't pay dank bud prices for shake, that's just silly.
  4. Use math!!!

    8th of an ounce = 3.5g because an ounce is 28.3g and when you divide that by 8 you get 3.5g. so 3.5g/2= 1.75g
  5. I'd pay around 10 bucks for half an eigth of shake. That's way over priced. Just try and haggle with him to get the price down abit.

    Depends on if it's frosty shake or not also.

  6. Dude what are you talking about?
  7. Personally, i wouldn't spend a dime on shake.
    But $30 dollars for a half eighth is completely ridiculous.
    I say you yell at him. xD
  8. Dealer is trippin' mad hard. You can get an 1/8th of shake over here for $20.
  9. He means the price :rolleyes:
  10. why would you even want to buy shake? find someone better and buy some actual buds.
  11. I'd give him 5 bucks or tell him to fuck off.
  12. yeah, that is a ripoff.

  13. He usally has great weed and aparently it's 'white widow' shake:rolleyes:. Anyways my other dealer ripped me off so this is the only guy I'll buy from now.
  14. Well he should realize prices vary. If your dealer wants that much he either paid a realy shitty price or he's trying to rip you off. I have no idea what weed prices are in wisconsin.
  15. Out here 30 dollars is a 30 sac. So thats 1.5g of bud, not shake, for 30. And thats about half an 8th. So naaa thats a rip off for sure, even here where the prices are some of the highest.
  16. Thinking that same thing..:p
  17. tell him to go fuck his mother.
  18. Wow, what a bunch of crybaby pot-snobs. Is having a "bud" really that important? I guess I look at it differently than most, but I pay for my high, not my weed. I just recently bought an ENTIRE eighth of shake for $60, and I consider it to be one of the better bags I've bought recently.

    Reason being.

    What most people consider shake isn't any different from those buds you buy. When you smoke your weed, you have to grind it up essentially turning it into shake anyway. Weed is a dried plant material, and as such it is crumbly. If your dealer buys a qp of some dank white widow, and sells it over a two week period (the timeframe varies) as the bag is moved around, opened, closed, sorted through, and sold the buds break apart and the "shake" remains at the bottom.

    So this "shake" is still the same weed you would have purchased in "bud" form, and as such should hold the same value as the original product. You could even take this one step further and argue that it is somewhat better. When you buy "buds" your also buying the stem of the bud, which depending on the bud can add a lot of weight. With shake, if the bag weighs legit, you are buying 1.75 grams of purely smokeable white widow. If you were to buy a gram of bud you would get 1.25 grams of smokeable white widow, and a useless stem.

    It amazes me that you all get so pissed when you get your weed "pre-broken-up"

  19. Thing is, the shake can lose a lot of trichomes in all that handling. It could even have been sifted off, for all you know. Paying $60 for an 8th of shake seems like a really bad idea unless you know EXACTLY what you're getting (which it sounds like you do).

    Not to mention, if you break up the weed yourself you keep the kief in your grinder instead of on your dealer's table.

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