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Dealer trying to get good again.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mrmunches, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. So about 6 months ago I fronted my dealer money for a half ounce. I know, not the brightest idea, but I had done it before and had my product 30 minutes later so I thought I could trust the guy since I'd been buying from him for about 8 months. I was wrong. I never saw that money again. So fast forward to present, my dealer just texted me out of the blue (I called him a scum bag and didn't contact him after he stole my money) saying he was sorry for fucking me over and that he was gonna hook me up with my half and extra. How should I go about responding? Just act like nothing's happened, demand more, or ignore him? It seems like worst case I get free weed but the timing of it makes it seem like he has other intentions.

  2. I'd go for it. At best, you get a load of free weed, at worst- nothing. I wouldn't give him any more money and I'd be very reluctant to buy from him again but if he's offering weed no charge then great. 
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    Nah man just be chill about it. The dudes trying to right his wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, and they deserve a second chance (I'm not saying front him money again. Business is business and one screw up can cost you that, but in general day to day life, everyone should have the chance to right their wrong). Just say something along the lines of "hey man I gotcha. I appreciate you making this right. That's what a man does. You wanna come over and chill? You can bring that bud and we can blaze"

    Happy toking!

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  4. Accept his offer, but bring protection and a friend. People just don't give away free half ounces these days, but he may be trying to turn over a new leaf, give him a chance, but be on your toes.

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