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Dealer Text? Help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greywalker, Jan 28, 2010.

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    So I'm 18 and I started smoking around 13, but not to much, about once or twice a month with friends since I've never had a dealer of my own. So i hung out with a new toker friend of mine at his friends place, really chill and cool people where there and they generously smoked me out of about 5 hits from a bong and two blunts we smoked in a park later, good shit too, i believe it was purple haze but what the hell do i know.

    The kid who lived in the house and owned all of the weed told me he was going to start dealing (hes rich as hell) so i got his number, this was in dec. On Monday he sent me this text "I have black cherry haze. 30sixty". perfect timing since i'm going to a Pink Floyd reenactment concert of Dark Side of the Moon in a week.

    So hears my dilemma, I have no idea what any of that means! Ive never dealt with a dealer before and am such a noob when it comes to MJ lingo and procedures with dealers. I told him that day that i was short on cash and would let him know when i get some.

    So what does that mean? and should i trust him? His weed last time goos and hes nice but the whole "cherry" stuff seems like hes playing me, but what the hell do i know. I want 20$ worth (dub right?) but am i only allowed to byt 30$ worth? is that what 30sixty means? and how much would a dub weigh, as oppose to regs or mids for example, since this is supposedly fire. And lastly, if everything does go smoothly do i offer to smoke a bowl with him? i don't know, it just seemed like proper toking etiquette since he smoked me out of a lot before, or does it not matter?:confused: Please help this lost and confused soul:(

    P.S. Sorry for the long back story i just wanted you to know where i was coming from and my relationship with the dealer so you guys could advise me more accurately. Thanks

  2. just be like dude i dont know what your talkin about but whatsup on a Gunit?
  3. just text him back and be like hey man can i get 20$ worth of dank or w.e. u want...and when u get it, make sure its weighed out on a scale....and u dont have to smoke a bowl with him if u dont want to lol....u can just be like "thanks man, ill hit u up later" and leave
  4. Check out the weed before hand, and make sure it's fire, this one kid tried to sell me regs with a bubblegum spray as afgan before.
    I don't ever smoke with my dealers unless they ask me first. And they usually match me, and we don't even smoke it all. All prices are pretty much the same, you got $20, so just say give me $20 worth. I don't usually ever say amounts to dealers. I have a scale, so if they rip me off, I know.

    But just be like "ill take $20 worth"

    prices are usually 1 gram - $20 eighth - $60 quarter - $110
  5. Just call and ask if you can get a gram or two.
  6. just ask how much he can do for your amount of money, then from there negotiate a bit. and ask when you go to pick it up if he has a bowl and if he does ask if hes busy and wants to toke a bowl. i usually always smoke a bong with my dealer but she matches most of the time lol
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    30sixty - 30 dollars for a half eighth (1.7 grams) and 60 for a whole eighth (3.5 grams)

    My guess is that he would sell you at least a gram for 20. As for the strain name i have never heard it but i bet its just plain old danks that he named to make seem better.
  8. never heard of "cherry" bud. see how it looks. theres a sticky on bud quality and quantity in the apprentice tokers section. a dub, around me at least, should weight about a gram, maybe a little less (no less than .8) if its fire. this should cost you the 20 bucks your looking to spend.

    ive never heard of 30sixtey b4, but if hes a legit dealer, he should be more than happy to sell u a dub. just tell him uve only got 20 bucks and ask him how much he can do for it. theres also a sticky on bud termanology in here i think. if you sound like u know what your talking about, hes less likely to jerk you around.

    and one more, but VERY important thing. if you like grasscity and want to stay on the forums, your 18. read the rules. not sayin it to be a douche just wanna give u a heads up b4 u get a nice swift shot to the head from the almighty banhammer .
  9. If its your first time buying from him, it'd be nice to smoke him up, he'll respect you a lot more and you'll probably get fatter sacks and better prices, but its not like required or anything.

    $20 should equal a gram of some fire :)
  10. If you dont know what hes talking about, tel him. just say"hey man, idk what you mean by 30sixty. can you tell me?"
  11. Just tell him how much you want and hell give it to you. Dont be nervous bro. Ask if you can get a 20 bag. As for the strain name, it doesnt matter. Youve smoked before so you know what it looks like, he prob wont rip you off if you know him. And no, you do NOT need to smoke him out. Just buy the bud off him and say thanks and leave. Most dealers will give you what you want. He said 30sixty it dont matter... just be like can i get a 20 bag. You have to be straight up with dealers.
  12. well hes gonna wanna make money soo if you ask him for a twenty bag hes not gonna down you. also ussualy the exotic names are just names you know what i mean you never truly know the exact strain but im sure it will be good. best thing to do is to act like you know what your talking about and mj lingo gets very easy to learn after about a month or so you'll know evey term there iss
  13. That shits all over no adays.. i thought i started it.. or ill use M&Ms movie SHHH thats my fav

    30sixty? im lost myself.. 3 for $60? Im thinkin 3 dubs for 60.. i dunno cuz dudes give me 3 for $50 or 4 for $60.. it works cuz shit is dank n its a full gram out the bag
  14. Thanks for the great advice everybody, it helped me out allot. I now know what I'm going to do.

    Happy Toking! :smoking:
  15. haha this is awesome

  16. My total noobishness amuses you? :)
  17. LOL, it just means 30.00 dollars for a half eighth, and 60.00 dollars for a full eighth. It pretty much means its pretty dank for the price, most likely it will be bright green and covered in crystals. Thats what we get down here.:hello:
  18. I cant help you out with price because I dunno the weed, or where you live, also I dunno wtf he was talkin about either. Just text him sayin u need a 20 bag or something
  19. You can buy as mnuch as you want, as for smoking a bowl with him, that's up to you and him. You can offer if he has a bong out or something, ask him if you can test it out with him. There's no real ettiquette for smokin him up, i guess it all just depends on the situation. 30sixty is just what he's selling his 1/8ths and 1/4s for. Sometimes it will be 25/50 sometimes 35/70
  20. the times ive heard numbers like that it was price: g/eighth
    $30/g doesnt make sense but saying $30 for half of a $60 1/8th doesn't totally make sense either. plus where im from no one buys "half 1/8s"

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