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Dealer Tells Me Everything Is Head Band Lately.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nugagerube, May 29, 2013.

  1. Its not that I don't believe him its just that the last 3 out of 4 or 5 times he's told me it was head band. I didn't ask a few times so i don't know if he woulda said headband to then.

    Thing is he doesn't usually bullshit me about strains. He either tells me he doesn't know or the name and he told me once he usually doesn't believe people about the name if they tell him so I know he probably believes the name and tells me or doesn't and tells me he doesn't know. BTW Vermont is a Medical state.

  2. IDK man, read my name.
  3. First off, names are almost never true. You think your dealer really knows the strains name? Doubtful. Usually people just toss out names to increase sales. 
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    maybe it has all been Headband?
    is there a reason you think he's lying? has it obviously been different types of bud or not quality or something?
    really though unless he personally knows the grower (and the grower's trustworthy) or it's coming from a medical source there's no way to be 100% certain
  5. You just never know for sure unless he has direct connections to the grower.
  6. I dont know if he buys from the grower or not. No its been quality weed dont get me wrong i just find it funny that hes only gotten head band lately. usually he gets a strain then doesnt get that strain for months. Or never again (i still want that grape ape, g15 or g16 i cant remember, and lemon kush again) sigh....
  7. G16 that stuff is good.

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  8. When I asked my dealer what kind it was, he told me "it's the kind that gets you stoned". That shut me up real quick.
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    my dude gets from the grower so he knows what he is getting.....for a while i kept getting maui because thats what he picked up.  its not like ill take a pound of blue dream, a pound of white widow, a pound of purple kush, and a pound of pineapple express so i can have a 4 pounds and a nice variety.  what you get is what you get, take it of leave it
  10. I guess the most obvious question should be was it the same weed every time? I mean smell/taste/bud formation?
  11. Head band is considered by alot of people to be the "best" strain you can obtain. 
    Actually, maybe not by alot but that's what ive read on here. I've heard obscene prices a quarter for it, sometimes $120? 
    I've never had so i can't comment. 
    It's definitely up there with Cinderalla 99 for the holy grail strains. It's a fantastic high and smoke, very potent. I'm quite excited to grow mine soon, I'll be keeping it around for a while I know that for sure.
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    Headband is dank, prolly just a mark up..but if you dont live in a medical state why complain. If Its good shit its good shit...

    Tho grape ape ..g15 16 ....kinda sounds like he may know a grower connection. Idk....if it smells good and by mean good i mean if ya can smell it before he even takes the bag out id buy it.

    Edit sorry ya do live in a medical state...which means he very Well could know a growr n all hes pumpin out is HB. So enjoy :smoking:
  14. Does it get you high as phuck?  That's what matters.
  15. Maybe he picked up a large quantity of it and business has been slower than usual so he continues to have it. Or maybe the same goes for his guy. I got the same strain for like 3 weeks because that's all my dealers connect had.

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