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  1. I've been a stoner around a year, never touched the stuff beforehand, however the place I've lived, there's hardly any dealers - or they're shit.

    Tried getting a smoke last night, to discover he's away, so gave me a number for another guy, which turns out to be a no show, as he didn't respond to my text.

    So I'm currently sitting here, tryna get a spliff any tips on how to get another dealer
  2. Grow some... it's what I'm doing... I'm getting to the point of not having to buy anymore but I'm not quiet there... but it's currently 75% of my smoke and after next grow I plan on it being 90% with the other 10% just to switch it up...

    But yeah definitely dealt with slow dealers.... sometimes I'll just leave if they take to long and if that happens I usually won't give em my money again since they wanna waste my time and gas.. and I sure don't tell em I left either so they can waste their gas too constantly telling me another 5-10 min... even if you have a good dealer always been on be lookout for more that away this shit never happens and you have someone good to go too... just bought an Oz of some GSC for 200 bucks... some dank stuff. I wasn't even looking for any but at 200 and right then and there I figured why not...

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  3. "Tryna get a spliff" you sound like your not old enough to be smoking, get better plugs it isn't hard to find them just ask people, I've met 3 dealers just through asking them if they sell..

  4. 200 an oz? Thats how much an oz goes for all the time where I live :laughing:
  5. They go for 280-320 where I live. That's why I'm growing

    And plenty of people in other countries say spliff o_O idk if that's the OP's case or not though.

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  6. Where I'm from (UK) spliff is mix of tobacco and weed :confused_2:
  7. Spliff is just a type of joint. Give the guy a break, man.

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