Dealer stole my weed

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  1. Ok so my dealer was my friend. He only just got into dealing a few months ago so he started selling to me as well giving me his prices. He was always shorting everyone he sold to by atleast .3 but always gave me his price and weighed it out for me. Anyways he started to become a douche out of no where and told me his prices got raised and started charging me more even though i know this was bull shit because he bought from the same people and had the same quality bud. Then one night I left a half o at his house because i didnt want it to smell up my entire house trusting him not to take any. Anyways came back and there was 2gs missing. He denied it. A night a few days later i smoked him up on a g and he stole a g out of my bag when i wasnt looking(Didnt realize this until later). Then 2 nights ago I was buying 4gs from him and he shorted me 2gs on it. He even told me he weighed it out right before he got there. Then he even texted me after he left asking if i wanted to smoke with him later. So i went to his house weighed it on his scale and it read 2.1. Then he said damn my guy must have shorted me. Even though he said he weighed it right before he sold it to me. Obvious bull shit but this kids fucking stupid. So i told him im not leaving his house without what i paid for and he was bitching me out saying do yo uwant to get kicked out of my house. I really wanted to kick his ass but i know i would have been charged with assult. So i just threatend to go wake his parents up and tell them how he deals and shorts people. End of story he pussied out and threw me 1.5 more still shorting me .4... Then told me to get the fuck out of his house and called me a fag. Then started texting my friend bitching saying "what a fag he just made me loose money." I knew him for a year and smoked with him everyday. He later texted me hes done selling to me, like i give a fuck.
  2. Fuck that guy then,gosh ppl these i right?
  3. you shouldve broke up with him just like a girlfriend

  4. i think he just have :hello:
  5. I had a friend like that once. He used to smoke weed and sell it and all was well, he always gave like 1.2 for a g bag, his prices were market prices and the bud was great. Well he stopped smoking at some point and his bags got more stemmy and he gave labels to his weed when it wasn't a real strain
  6. haha this dude sounds like such a winner. Just goes to show how much you can trust some people. Instead of taking your whole bag with you when you go to a buddies to burn just take a smaller ammount that you would need that night. Who knows it could save you some troubles down the road.
  7. Here is where you messed up. The thing about dealers is... they aren't your friend. They are out to make their money, businessmen, not friends.

    When money is involved, people do grimy shit, and you just found out.
  8. The half o was already at his house i had just bought it from him and blazed some down. If it was already at my house I wouldnt have taken it anywere but my parents were home i was driving without a license and i was high as fuck
  9. Some people never learn...Karma is a bitch tho bro so don't worry about it..
  10. Yea. After he stole from my half o this dude jacked him for 2gs the very next day.
  11. I was friends with him before i even started smoking
  12. ah that sucks bud. was the opposite for me when my buddy started selling. he was getting fronted from this other guy we know. and he'd just blaze me everyday lol cause we were buds and id go to school and help him sell it and get him chops. :smoke:
  13. I must of misread hte post than my bad haha, and a friend being your dealer doesnt always end that badly. My best friend was my dealer for a year and a half before he got out of the game. Never shorted and never stolen from
  14. That doesn't change the fact he changed once he started selling, it happens.

    Why is it that everyone thinks they can just hop up one day and start selling?
  15. Dude is dealing in his parent's house?

    You should have hit him in the stomach a few times, taken all his shit, and never call him again.

    Either way, violence or not, I wouldn't recommend calling him ever again.

    Um honestly anyone can. Provided you've got the connect for a big amount and you know enough people that smoke. Send a text out to everyone and boom, they'll call.
  16. So sorry to here that. Just tell yoursef you're better off without that guy in your life. He did fuck you over like there's no tomorow but at least he's out of your life.
  17. You left weed in his house, that's like saying "take it, it's free".
  18. I will however say you let it slide for to long homie...Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice SHAME ON ME
  19. This is why drug dealers=/=Friends.

    People do crazy shit for money, they wont hesitate just because its you.
  20. Thats true...Iv'e lost MAD "friends" to the drug tradin game...but I learned that those fakes aren't worth it...Iv'e learned to keep a very small group of "friends" everyone else is simply someone I know...

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