Dealer stole my money...dont front

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  1. Whats up guys, just thought I'd share my unfortunate experience and vent a bit.

    So i'm on vacation and yesterday I was walking on the beach looking for some green. I see these two guys drinking slurpees, one looked pretty normal, but the other dude had tattoos all over his face and body, teardrops and shit by his eyes haha. I of course didn't notice this until i asked them if they knew where to find any bud.

    They looked at each other and laughed and the guy with the tats was like yeah man i can hook you up with a g of some dro just follow me to my car. So I followed him and it was a pretty standard deal, he said that he was getting some og kush tonight and if i wanted more tonight to hit him up. So that night i called him of course and he said he would call me back but never did.

    He texted me the next morning (today) saying his phone died and he could still help me out if i wanted it. So i was like forsure and asked him how much and where to meet. He told me to meet him by a 7-11 so i did. He seemed a little sketch but I didn't think anything of it, he was just like follow me man. We start walking over to this parking lot and hes like "yo you see that blue house over there? My boy is sketching out so i'll meet you over there with the shit" I'm like alright that works i guess so we keep walking and he's like "alright dude we gotta split now you have the money? ill meet you over there"

    Everything happened so fast that like an idiot I gave him the money and walked off toward the house. I wait there for like 10 minutes and then call him, he answers and at first its just loud music, but then he gets on the line and starts talking really fast, almost speaking gibberish and saying bro every five seconds, I cant even make out what he's saying really so after a while I just hang up. I text him "i want my shit" and he calls back and is like "ay yo yo yo, let me put this in white people terms in case you couldn't just got robbed son!" Oh yeah by the way...he was white :rolleyes:

    I texted him 'good luck making a living swiping 50s off kids' and hes like 'more like a daily double up. appreciate allowance son' im like 'your cool' and hes like 'know your cool wonder bread'

    Now this whole situation really, really pissed me off. Not because of the money but because of the principle behind it. I just can't stand the fact that I got taken advantage of and then joked about it after the fact. To be honest all i want to do right now is beat the living shit out of that sack of shit, but live and learn i guess. I was too eager and should not have fronted my money.

    Any other blades ever have something like this happen? Better yet any advice for spotting a scheme like this before it happens?

    tldr: on vacation, met a dealer and fronted him 50 for an eighth, he takes my money and then calls me back and jokes me
  2. So, you know what he looks like, what his car looks like, where he hangs out, and his number. I don't think i need to explain to you what you need to do...
  3. Live and learn. Mistakes happen. Unfortunately you're probably about to get torn to shreds from the GC Community for fronting money

    EDIT: ^ what he said.
  4. You gotta fuck with that ki fuck anyone who does this shit
  5. Come on man thats 100% your fault. He played the game and you played along pretty well.
  6. lol what?

    ^and yeah i realize thanks for rubbing it in dude...when did i say that it wasnt my fault...
  7. op was an eager beaver
  8. Slash tires, break windows, of course when he's not looking.
    Then he's in for more than, 50$
  9. eh...

    never give someone money, especially when you meet them randomly like you did.
  10. Haha sorry dude but come met a random dude you have never met before, who doesn't sound like he looked like a very non sketchy dude. And now you are SUPRISED that he took your money that you fronted him?
  11. Yep never learned from it so that's good. I would've beat the fuck out of that guy tho. That stuff makes me angry.
  12. dude fuck off, i am not surprised i stated in my post that i was merely venting

    to others i guess i just assumed because the first deal went smooth he was chill, never again

  13. dude, to be fair, didn't he get you weed without robbing you earlier? i wouldn't blame you too much for this
  14. Oh, really? I shouldn't front?! Why not?!
  15. Sounds like you've learned your lesson. Just ignore the people here that are making fun of you and shit, everyone has to learn somehow.
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    idk i front in the right situation and to the right people i mean if i were in your situation i probably would have given that kid the benefit of the doubt and give him the money to. but if i he took my money i would not be mad about it i would be like well he got me and he's got some shitty karma coming his way.

    i mean when i lived in steamboat i would always tell tourists bags were 50 and get them for 35. but i mean they were happy as hell they were getting weed that was green and a full 1/8. thats how i fed myself half the time..

    the fact he was taunting you about it kinda just makes him a shitty person tho
  17. [quote name='"Chrisg7"']

    dude fuck off, i am not surprised i stated in my post that i was merely venting

    to others i guess i just assumed because the first deal went smooth he was chill, never again[/quote]

    Dude there is no reason for the disrespect, I was simply asking you a question. I hope you learned your lesson, you should have known not to trust people you have never met before
  18. If gou wanna get him back. If youre ever on vacation there again, bring a few friends, have one of them call off their phones or buy a trac phone and ask for sf ome. Then whrn you meet up youll know what to do haha. But to answer your question no ive never fronted or been robbed but thats only because I dont trust just anyone right away. You live and you learn dude.
  19. lmfao.... pretty appropriate term..
    you could call me that some times thats for sure...
  20. Dont front money!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn't your mother teach you not to give money to strangers?

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