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Dealer Specials

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by schizophrenick, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hey, does anyone else's dealers have "sales", or specials where they sell nug on discount and shit? I'm sure i'm not the only one. On 10/10/10 my guy is selling 10$ grams all day. I suppose i'm excited.
  2. Yea, only my dealer is a dispensary, so the sales are more... like actual sales hahahahah. "MEGA BLOW OUT CHRON SALE THIS SATURDAY!!!!! ALL STRAINS 8$ grams, 4.20 gram 8ths, $225 oz's! YAY hahahhaa
  3. Haha yhh my dealer does that! on friday after 10pm its half price because hes drunk most of the time! £10 for 3.4 (;
  4. Only special prices I get usually is when the guy just got new dank in and the rest he had left over goes for $5-$10 cheaper for the gram. usually still really good bud just not as fresh.
  5. I dunno about specials, but my regualr guy always smokes me a j when i pickup. Keeps me commin back thats for sure!


  6. Haha same :smoke: I always have a couple of joints with my dealer while we chill on the xbox for a bit.
  7. I don't usually get specials, but I usually get a little extra and always have a session after I pickup, and hang out for a while too.
  8. Hahha back before i had my med card, my dealer was a pretty good friend from before he dealt, anywho we were sitting toking once, and he asked....dude...did you even smoke with your dealers before me when they sold you bud.... i was like...yea, if there was time and they were down... then he was like......who fucking sits down and eats a piece of pizza with the pizza one.... who buys groceries and gives the clerk half a gallon of one...why the fuck not.... so we ordered a pizza and asked the guy to come in and have a slice hahaaha he was NOT ok with it...thought we were gonna kill him or some all these comments just reminded me of was pretty goofy...

  9. my "dealer" is a club as well, weedmaps sends me texts everyday with different clubs specials

    got one earlier said "Todays special is buy an eighth and get a gram free, next 10 patients get 30$ eights"

    so 4.5 of top shelf for daily:hello::smoke::smoke:
  10. idk about specials but i am good friends with my dealer and knew him before he started sell....he always sells bud to me 5 to 10 dollars cheaper and hooks me up with free bud all the time
  11. Yea around boulder there are so many clubs that its hard to miss a deal, but i decided in the beginning of my med life, that i was only going to go to one i spent a while going to places to decide which to devote to, and now i NEVER pay more than 8 a gram for what i consider super dank weed (my pick up thread can confirm that hahahaha) My friends will drive to a few dispensaries looking for deals...and i tell them to just go to one and talk to the owner for 5 mins and tell them, if your gonna be spending all your money on medicine here, whats in it for the place i go is my caregiver so i get the 70 dollar monthly comp once a month

  12. exactly, i usually only go to one club which is my caregiver, they treat me like family and i get amazing deals:smoke:

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