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Dealer Situation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by okiuisdgf, May 31, 2013.

  1. read this and tell me if YOU think this is sketch... here's a convo from my guy: 
    me- hey
    him- aye
    me- still good for that Q tomorrow?
    him- yeah, price is a little off tho
    me- what do you mean?
    him- 220. my guy got popped
    me- lmao what? I cant do that shit, these prices are already too high
    him- hm ok yeah
    (20 mins later after I stopped texting)
    him- $120 - Q
    me- what? loud?
    him- homegrown
    me- why does this seem fishy lmao...
    him- you can weigh it 
    me- it's just weird cause you just said your guy got popped... and said 220
    him- I have 2 guys.. one got popped. 220 is a half, 120 a Q
    just seems like he's reeling me in to rob me or something.. IDK I dont take these things lightly. any input?

  2. 120 a Q? Fuck that. Just tell him you're ready to buy off of him once his prices go back down to normal people prices.
    "My dude got popped" is the worst excuse for anything weed related.
  3. 120 for a Q is the normal range for around here on the east coast... still high as fuck tho. I flipped on the 220..
  4. yeah thats pretty sketchy, I personally would not go threw him unless he 1- Comes to you 2- Weighs in out in front of ya 3- And is up to your standards and 4- You can not find any other smoke threw anyone else
    I'm in Ohio and I don't pay over 100 a Q. 120 is middleman jack prices.
  6. quarter ounce? cause you have shitty connects lol 
  7. this dude is awesome tho, he does bring it to my front door everytime and weighs it... and its flame... this is really unusual for him..
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    like guys, he brings it in a airtight pack and it has THC %, CBD % and everything, I get all different medical strains. his connects are the real deal with family in cali. me being on the east coast it's worth it.
    Yeah when he's making 20 bucks off of each sale... Find where he gets his shit from. If you're going through someone to get someone elses weed, that's no good. Get it from as high off the chain as you can.
  10. another safety tip if your sketched, keep your big bills stashed inside a small pocket like the ones sewed in a jean pocket, so if shit does go down all your money isnt in your wallet where most people assume it will be
  11. #11 jakegetsbaked91, May 31, 2013
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    If you don't feel comfortable don't do it. Altho I don't necessarily think he's tryin to rob you (unless you count payin 120 a q as gettin robbed >_> ) he's just middle manning and tryin to make as much as he can in one swoop.

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    Good tip, very, very useful  :hello:
  13. ima go through him if he actually hits me back up when I do. and ima have something on me if ya catch my drift just incase sum shit goes down. what can he do? he's gonna be at MY house... and people who know me not to fuck with me... i'm prolly overthinking it. 
    I think you are, he's just jacking up the prices on you and trying to rob you with a smile. Tell him 100 or no sale lol.
  15. word. thanks bros.
  16. ehhh you need better hookups... I live on the east coast aswell. You can get a Q of dank for $100.
  17. damn, I really do then. I've been on the search.......... what state you in? if you don't mind me asking
  18. im in NJ. Another good way to get a good deal is to split an O four ways between friends. Cause a dealers gonna charge you less per gram with the more you buy.
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    Yeh def don't sound sketch to me. Unless his dude is forreal bullshittin on prices and jerkin him around, he's just tryna make a lil more money. But 220 for even a 1/2 is steep as fuck. I almost shitted myself when I thought he wanted 220 for that 1/4 I was like wtf this dude must be trippin forreal! Haha :smoking:
  20. #20 okiuisdgf, May 31, 2013
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    thing is i'm out of school for now and I was never the guy to go hangout with a group of dudes lmao. I just never digged the whole concept of a cockfest so I just chill with my girl. but my girl is a little inexistent right now lol so I'm really solo for the time being. pretty much only people I can ask are people on my old Facebook. I'm a loner but I fuckin hate people lmao.

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