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Dealer shit.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mauwi, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Hey.Wsup wsup.I walkin into new forum PMP rockers forum.Thats a nice rap talk forum and i told in a shoutbox that mah man dat pushes me weed gave me grinder and a lighter that doesnt work.I wroted that i still appreciate that.I told that weed smells like pine.I still didnt told that weed is shit or sumn.It isnt.But i wrote his nickname that friends call him:Fredo.I didnt told his screen name because i didnt even knew that he was on that forum.And next thing i made a thread about sellin fake weed that i sell fake weed and i make it smell like pine.For the real thing.Make it realistic.In a bud or grinded.And smokeable.So i didnt really remember but i think he wroted something and i said sumn bad.Or make it wasnt him..

    Will he sell me weed ever again :D?
  2. uh either your baked or retarted cuz i didnt understand any of that.
  3. Hewillprobablysellyouweedbutmaybenotifyoutypelikethis.Frankly,i'mnotsurebecausei'mnotonetojudgeonthosewhotypelikethisbutathesametimeit'shardtoread.
  4. Try again in english.
  5. When the man walks in ask him where his ambulance is.

    Your answer will depend on his.
  6. a good way to conserve weed is to not smoke it all until you cant talk.
  7. U r all so mean.Mine english is bad because its my 3 language and i live in lithuania.I didnt really learned much of english in school so i either baked or retarded.

    Okay i just asking u if u would be a dealer and i would post a message that u sold me good shit and i would told your nickname.Would you be angry and would you still sellin weed to me?? i post a pm for him that i saw that he playin RuneScape and i stopped so i can sell couple of accounts with GOOD stats for 10g or sumn.
  8. so are you sayin if i was your dealer and you posted my nicknmame over the internet would i be mad at you?
  9. and told that i bought good shit from you and you gave me free grinder and a lighter.
  10. Umh I would prob be mad that someone said my name on the internet.
  11. Your info says you live in Lithuania so unless you changed it recently, I don't know why people can't understand why your English wasn't that good. Next time you might want to explain that English is your third language before posting :)

    Alot of people would be upset about you saying their name/nickname in such a public place as the internet, so I would delete/edit it if you can.
  12. i would prolly be mad at you but i wouldnt stop sellin to you
  13. sober up then tell us again in a few hours
  14. in shiznit thread i said 10 times about my language.
    I know lithuanian,russian,english.

    I send a pm to him.he just said that i dont need to shout that much about him
  15. edit the post where you were talkin about him and apologize to him and im sure everything will be cool again.
  16. No matter how many languages you speak, there's no excuse for the way you type bro.
    It's an intentional scramble.
  17. You know what they say: "Don't put all your ducks in one basket before they hatch."
  18. id drive my car on your nutsack if you talked that way about me, i mean you shouldnt give infos about your boy on public forums
  19. If you live in Lithuania and, according to you, if you don't speak German, then why did you set a German website as your homepage?

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