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Dealer questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by milldot, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. What do you do when you check the weed you just bought down the road and you feel a little cheated? Then later on you smoke it and it's not as good as the previous stuff he sold you, but he said it was better?

    I have a feeling he sells to support his own smoking habit and isn't super experienced. I bought an eighth and it had a shit load more stems in it than last time. I mean, two of these steams were fucking ridiculous, meaning they were at least an inch long and quarter of an inch thick.

    Do you nicely comment on your previous deal next time you call for another order? Or do you be really specific on what you want?

    This is my first true dealer, I used to just go through a couple of friends. I've bought from him twice and he's always been nice and hooked me up quickly so I know he's trying.
  2. A quarter inch thick stems? jeeez, this guy must have some mongoloid plants or something.

    lol but I am pretty tight with all the dealers i have but I usually try to keep in good standing with them as to not get cheated and I guess for you; either call him out n say this looks a little short or just become better friends with him and hopefully he stops pinching the bag.
  3. Just try to let him know somehow that you are an experienced smoker and you aren't some little kid who doesn't know when he's getting a bad deal.

    Try offering to toke sometime after buying a bag. Get a buzz on, make some small conversation, after a while you guys will be tight.
  4. Next time I bought from that guy I would tell him what happened. I would probably say something like you need to put those big as stems in larger sacks... not an eighth. I only want good nugs =P

    I'm always the guy that wants every detail before shit goes down.
  5. That's no good man. Nothing worse than an unsatisfied customer. I say bring it up to him casually. Like what the other guy said, toke with him a few times and create a relationship. Eventually you'll be able to talk about things like that without any problems.
  6. From now on, check it before buying. That way, it will not happen.
  7. awesome guys, thanks. I'll just nicely tell him about what happened last time and check the shit out before I run off.
  8. Find a better hook up or become friends with your guy. BS with him and offer to match on a bowl or something, just gotta show people you're cool, they deal with idiots all the time.
  9. my dealer scales it out in front of me everytime and adds 2 or 3 grams just cuz...but when he isnt there his roomate hooks me up at the door and gives me a skimpy bag, last time it was so bad i smoked 2 bowls before i felt it...
    But when my dude hooks it up and he says its "better" its always better. lol

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