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Dealer question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 310, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. My guy text me this morning- "Yo I got some purp"

    What is purp?

    He also said it was $50 for an 1/8.
    Is that too much? Or about right?

    I'm in SoCal.
  2. Purp = Purple bud (GDP, Purple Hashplant, etc...).

    Any bud that has the color purple in it.

    I wouldn't complain about $50 a slice...
  3. Purp = good shit. :D
  4. Sounds good to me man
    In other words make that purchase!
  5. 90% of the time someone has told me they got "purp" "fire" "Hydro, Dro" it was usually some sucky mids.

    All I am saying is don't get your hopes up and DON'T GIVE THEM THE MONEY BEFORE YOU SEE THE WEED.
  6. Post a pic of what I should be looking for then?
  7. Its probably gonna be som good. if you usually get dank frm this dude its proably some purple dank could be a handful of different strains.

    most 'purp' I've gotten just looks likes some good fucking bud but it usually is weaker then some frostyass green bud.

    Remember one time I got some fire lookin shit that was lik purple and pinkish, w red and pink hairs. I'l tell you it sold for alot could do $25a g easily but shit didn't do the trick for a long or strong high. Looks can be decieving.
  8. Like so:

    You guys gotta remember that purple buds aren't necessarily better though.
  9. I have been told by the owner of my local dispensary that, yes, purple DOES NOT = better. At first I thought he was just BSing me, but I learned that cold temps will turn a LOT of buds purple and IF that's the case, don't expect too much. If it really is GPD or GrapeApe, etc. it should be awesome. I was also that when a plant is "artificially" purped(I heard of a guy using canisters of compressed air to get his plants cold enough to turn purp), it degrades the THC. I guess all I can say is "buyer beware". Good luck!
  10. I asked him what other strains he had-

    Platinum OG, Purple Kush, and Sour Diesel
    All $50 for an 1/8.

    What would be the best bang for my buck?
  11. sour disel would be the best for 50 an 1/8
  12. Id get that og kush. But Purp is purple. doesnt mean its the best weed. Og kush is better than GD Purp. But both are different also.
  13. Sour Diesel
  14. A lot of times, in my experience, when people say "purp" they mean "dank".
  15. Thats an opinion. Op just take a look at a couple of the eights and then choose one. Look for lots of crystals. Thats the most important.

    On a side note. What happened to the neg rep function. Mine has seemed to disappear. I can give rep but there is only the approve of this post button.
  16. just because its called sour diesel doesnt mean anything, a name is a name.
    scope all 4 buds out, pick which you like best. 50 an eighth isnt bad at all, especially if its good shit
  17. To me there's 2 types of "purple". You have the weed that is grown under cold conditions (and that's how it gets its purple) and then there's weed that is actually a purple strain (Grape GDP), and can range in color from partial green to full blown crazy dark ass purple weed. The purple kush could honestly just be something grown in cold weather, but I'd still choose it over the other 2.
  18. i would pay $40 for an 1/8 of good but iguess im gettinga a discount?purp sounds like purple haze or grandaddy purp ph =$40 gdp =$50 im in miami... like i said maybe im getting a discount

    "Purple Haze"
    -Jimi Hendrix

  19. ^^ QFT

    Sidenote - never noticed till you pointed it out. They were both there yesterday. Perhaps someone went neg crazy? :eek::smoke:
  20. wats qft? quoted for truth probly

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