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dealer put dryer sheets on joint

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bxephos, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. I bought a joint the other day with flavored papers and it smells like a dryer sheet. is there a quick way to get rid of the smell/taste? will I die if I smoke it?

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    You wont die. People store their buds with dryer sheets around plastic bags to contain the smell. Ive smoked bud that has been arouns dryer sheets. If it wass direct contact to the bud tho I cannot really help but I would not smoke it.

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  3. as long as the joint was in a baggie and the baggie was wrapped in dryer sheet, you're good.
  4. okay. I'm pretty sure it touched the papers :( should I let it air out for a while?
    well, crack open the joint and smoke the weed out of a pipe or re-roll it into a new joint. problem solved.
  6. If the grower used ONA gel in his grow op, the buds could have a hint of fresh linen :lol:
  7. Don't buy pre rolled anything. There's a good chance you're getting ripped.
  8. Not really any way to get rid of that nasty taste and smell.  Like qualiD said, just unwrap the J and re roll it or smoke it from a pipe.  The rolling paper is going to be the most contaminated part of the J.  I hate that shit, fuckin tastes like a bar of soap.
  9. I wouldn't buy from anyone who couldn't think a better way to contain the smell..
  10. My dog smokes joints wrapped in that kinda stuff, he loves it and gets his other home dogs down the street to join in to. It gets annoying sometimes when I come home and there all hot boxing in my room "did not ask me if I was okay with it" eating and doing strange stuff.

    Tip top to the roof and don't drop me I am coming off the high
  11. Is your dealer in highschool?

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    I'm fairly certain neither party involved in this sale is quite there yet...

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