dealer problems pretty shady sounding

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  1. alright so i got something like 70 bucks so at the moment i got 3 people to chose from

    my main dealer but hes pretty shady ive heard of him putting people in the hospital ive seen what he can do to people which gives me a great respect for him

    so he gives me good deals though he ripped me off once before but that was when i didnt know mesurments since then he hasnt

    he says he will give me an half o or so for 60 so im like ok he sends me a pic i accept it as legit and he tells me that he needs me to front him cash so i tell him no and ask him if i can go with him to the house and make the deal myself with him so he says ok

    but im kind of iffy on that because it looks pretty dark and shady like im going to get jacked and my ass kicked or stabbed

    and i got two other people

    one of them is a pretty nice guy but he gives me quality over quanity which i dont like but he gives me like 15 a gram of some purple kush which i like but its just not enough cause im a little strapped for cash
    i know he wont rip me off
    he even tells me he doesnt like asking for people to front cash unless absoulutly needed

    so this guy i like but he gives me little weed but its REALLY GOOD for expensive prices

    andm y third guy isnt really a dealer to me cause i havnt bought from him ever

    but me and my friend were talking to him cause hes his brother and can give him an ounce of some dank shit for 70 which i find amazing

    and he wont front cash

    so i think i should choose my friends brother because i dont feel like getting ripped off

    what does GC think???
  2. Half for 60? thats some shitty weed man.. or hes bullshittin

    and dank for 70 man?!?
  3. yeah i know pretty fucked up

    but ive seen the weed but didnt have the money i smelled it inspected it it looked pretty legit
    i knew it wasnt schwag

    but he was getting to shady with it and i rather have my kidneys inside my body and not spewed out on main street

    or i can get some better shit from the other guy who isnt shady but i wont get as much

    so i think i just answered my own question

    haha i think im just going to buy from my freinds brother but keep the nicer dealer on hand so incase something comed up i still got SOMBODEY to go to
  4. Sounds pretty sketchy
    And half a zip for $70?
  5. sucks how your main dealer is....

    my dealer has invited me over to smoke on his stash alot....hes a cool guy guess we are pretty good friends
  6. yeah well my freind got roughly 12 grams from his brother and it was like a sandwhich bag filled 1/4 up with nugs for only 20 or 25 or so

    i was like WTF

    so he probably gets good ass deals cause his brother

    but my problem is that i need just one MAIN dealer that i can alwasy go to and since im not really freinds aqanitce or hasnt even met my freinds brother yet i dont think i can continue buying from him

    unless i ask my freind first to buy from him which is pretty sketchy in itself
  7. haha yea i was in that situation. i have a very convenient and trust worthy dealer next door, but he only sells 15 a gram. im like i need REGULAR weed. haha all the regs or mids guys are shady
  8. Go with the Nice Guy with the Purple Kush man haha
  9. haha yeah fosho
    i know what u mean

    i dont want like a dime of some DAAANNNKK ASS STINKY SMELLY ASS SHIT

    for like 80 dollars just because its that good

    so im like from now on like hey it all gets u high just some are better then others but in the end u smoke it all anyway so haha

    so yeah haha

    has anybodey ever done nutmeg haha just heard about that the other day seems pretty fucked up
  10. if you want to smoke your gonna have to take risks....just know proper drug deal etiquette...
  11. I know money is tight, but you should be taking advantage of the reliable guy who can get you high quality MJ.

    Those connections can be hard to come by at times.
  12. yeah there was a huge ass weed bust in downtown Dallas this year

    so its been pretty dry
    shrooms lsd everything is so hard to come by and if u can even get costs so much

    well i think im going to cut the hell off my shady dealer lately hes been acting to secretive for my liking

    im going to stick with my two guys proably at later times i might buy smaller bags from the purple kush nice dude and bigger sacks from my friends brother

    that seems like a good plan untill the weed seasons start kicking up over here

    and note

    i enjoy and appreceate all ur help

    LETS HEAR SOME STORIES: times getting caught, getting ripped off, cop troubles, anything man just something funny or interesting
  13. why th fuck would u smoke regs anyway
  14. get tha headies for 15 a gram, save up for an 1/8 or half 8th so u get it for like 50 an 8th or so. Just smoke less to be way higher, its a better high. Its just quality or quantity along with potential homicide. I see a clear winner here. Anyways dont do nutmeg, it can be real fucked up and last like 2 days and shit.
  15. hell no i wont do nutmeg i heard that gives u herpes hahaha no but setriously

    thats really low to get high off

    unless u REEEEALLLLYY nneed it
  16. dude 15 a G for some dank is not bad at all...i pay atleast 20 for some kush and what nott..

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