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Dealer what

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lue78, May 2, 2016.

  1. OK, so I realize this is going to sound ridiculous coming from a 30 something woman....but I have never had to look for a dealer before now.

    I have always been privledged enough (I think because I'm a girl, but maybe I've just been really lucky) to never have to find a dealer. I always just used my sketchy boy cousins, and asked them to call me before they went to their dealers house. But in the past year, circumstances have changed. One cousin had a baby and doesn't smoke anymore, and I just found out the other cousin is moving to Albany at the end of the month and will no longer be available. I've smoked for years (since I was 16) and I love it, but here in Western NY it's not legal. I need to find a new dealer, but I have no idea what to do.

    It's not like I'm in college anymore. I'm a 37 year old professional woman; I can't ask my work friends for obvious reasons. And I look like a 37 year old professional woman, so it's not like I can just go up to a kid outside of the mall and not look like a narc or someone's mom. Plus, because of my job I am really freaked out that I'm going to approach a cop, or get hustled somehow. My non-work friends aren't really smokers- in fact the few times they've smoked I was the one with the hookup so I was the one who procured the weed. Someone said to use craigslist, but I just don't know. I mean, that just seems TOO easy, and nothing that easy seems legit. What should I do? What should I avoid?

    I know I need to put my big girl pants on, and I'm trying to do it...but I'm not even sure where to begin.
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  2. Step one: Go to a bar
    Step two: Get smashed
    Step three: In your state of poor judgement and drunkenness, ask random people for hookups.

    If you're in NY, it shouldn't take too long to find.
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  3. A good idea if your (big girl pants are on), and you have your own place is to grow your own shit,. It will save you a ton of money and time in the long run(That's if it's safe).
    Finding a dealer is a matter of knowing where to look, if you were a stoner looking to make a sale where would you go, to a park or something right a public place where plenty of people will be.
    Look for the stoner types they'll know where to get it, unfortunately you'll think it'll be a little weird asking people who are probably younger than you to help find weed but there isn't a lot of other options.
    If you can't find mutual connections keeping a vigilant eye or growing is the only way, unless you want to get a medical card. DO NOT USE CRAIGSLIST YOU WILL HAVE POLICE AT YOUR DOOR,

    Take a good look around and think what you would do if you were in a dealer'stoner position, and the things you want will come. Weed is luckily the easiest drug to find since it';s people are pretty obvious by the clothes they wear and the way they act. Go to skate parks and "Radical" places, that;s where I used to find my grass.Look for the stoner types.
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  4. Lol this is basically what I was getting at. You gotta ask people, no other way to find it. CL is only for LEGAL states. I've asked random dudes on the street or at social gatherings and have had success many times.
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    Holy shit some bad advice. Talk to your cousins and see if you can get one of their hook ups. They had to get it from somewhere unless they grew it.

    Don't go to bars or grow your own. As a professional I can't think of anything that will ruin your life more than having a felony for having a grow. Don't go to places young stoners hang out especially parks. Coffee shops or around the college is sketchy at best for a professional looking 30 something person to ask for weed. Like I said the previous replies while possibly given with good intentions are way off base.

    Hit your cousins up they will at least point you in the right direction on where to get started. You are only a couple degrees of separation from knowing someone that knows someone that sells pot. Even consider overpaying at least the first time and have your cousin get you a connect. Overpaying as in paying a finders fee to your cousin. It's much easier for a random dude to pick up weed or find a connect than someone that looks like they are on a vice squad. The further you are from the connection the better. Also get a second free phone number for dealer connects. Google phone is one of them. It runs in an app and you use it to text and call. You can use a do not disturb on it and it's filtered through Google and is not directly linked to you. Good for a great many things.
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  6. You may think it's bad advice but some people don't have a choice and plus you can get away with anything if you're smart enough. Cops are going to get a warrant for what a few plants ya right?, you already need to have committed a crime.
    Some people have no other options than ask around, the chances of finding a narc for weed is much rarer than other things as had been in the past, You get slapped with a ticket not a felony in most places now for simple mistakes like that. Implying that her cousin isn't an option. What then?
    Just spawn some weed out of thin air, or spawn a person who knows. Is this some sort of joke?> It's not bad advice, in some situations IT'S THE ONLY ADVICE.
  7. You didn't read her post at all. Growing and going to stoner hang outs would make her uncomfortable at best and possible ruin her life. Most clowns that frequent here having nothing/little to lose and yeah I get that but when a 37 yo professional looking woman asks for a weed connection then growing and going to stoner hang outs is as stupid advice you could give. It IS advice it's just worthless.
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  8. You act like there's a difference between a "professional looking woman" and a "stoner", there isn't she'll have to do the same dirty work we all do. And how is going to stoner hangout spots ONCE, to find a dealer going to ruin your life.
    Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? And like I said once again.
    most places you just get a ticket no criminal record, your life isn't going to be "Ruined" and the overall risk of such activity is extremely minimal. The worst that could happen is getting mugged, but usually people get a feel when that might happen because the person is sketch, unless she's dumb finding a dealer without "Ruining your life" is a pretty simple task,.
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  9. Just go to your cousins and ask them to hook you up with who they bought it from. Not a big deal. When adults are selling to adults, it's not sketchy at all. If you get a # from a cousin just call and say you're whoever's cousin and were recommended by them and go from there. Not a big deal. Way easier than any of the bad advice here about going to bars or growing.
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  10. This is the easiest way,. But you can't deny the sound advice above.
    Growing does save a ton of time and money and is easy to do safely if you own your own place.|
    and if you have no prior connections there is no way to find a dealer without actually looking for one, It's literally impossible. Unless you live in the hood, no one will just come up and ask. and if you go to the hood you'll more than likely get mugged instead,. I'm just trying to be realistic and cover all the possibilities here, I'm sure you can understand that.
    Some people don't have these choices to make.
  11. That's good for a temporary solution. Eventually the cousin's connect will be also be gone, probably fairly soon. Growing is the best long term solution if OP's in a position to do so.
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  12. I agree with this. Your cousins clearly had a dealer or at least friends who had a dealer. Just ask for them to do you a favor and put you in touch with the right person.

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  13. The thing is, not everyone is able to grow, in a position to grow, or even wants to grow. And even less people are willing to do that over just not smoking weed. I agree that growing your own weed would be the best long term solution, but that doesn't make it the actual best practical solution. People here always say, "Just grow your own" and it's kind of a bullshit answer. It's like if someone comes to you with money problems and you say, "Just get a better job that pays a lot more". I'm not criticizing the thought process of the people saying that, but it's not something that's necessarily possible, because if it was, chances are the person would already be doing that right? Maybe not, but I think you get my point.
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  14. This is true. I've smoked for many years, although much less frequently now that I have a family. Even in my single days, growing was beyond the scope of what myself or any of my friends were willing to do. It's just outside the comfort level for many who'd rather pay up to let someone else do the back end work.

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  15. It's not a bullshit answer when it's the truth, and getting a better job that's pays more is way to fixing money problems.
    It's just the steps that it takes to get there are circumstantial.
    If you could save thousands of dollars growing I smoke say 2 lbs a year instead of paying upwards of 5000$ on a plant I can grow for free easily(I have a med card now but didn't before), If you're intelligent enough anything is possible if you face things as they are without fear.
    Unfortunately there is no going around some things, there's an easy way out and then there's the real work it takes to make something of it.
    This is life, and everyone's situation is difference so all this advice is 2 cents for those who need it.
    The people who win in this world, are the ones who think about what the best thing to do would be to benefit yourselves.
    And it's all different perspectives this is what a forum is for. Perspective, right?>
    Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
    But know your boundaries. There's the intelligent and the dimwitted.

    However in this situation she's asking for a dealer so the best solution is finding someone you already know, which she should've been able to do herself instead of asking us.
    My advice is for people who have no other options.
  16. As long as that perspective agrees with yours, right? lol
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  17. |
    I try to stay away from mainly opinions and stick to factually based options instead.
    It tends to work out in my favor and cover a lot of common ground. I list all the facts, some aren't preferable to some people but are always an option to others. There is no right or wrong way to do things, but there is fact and fake(Results and consequence). And I like keeping the options open and examining from every side of the equation and I say that's fair to be inclusive to everyone's circumstance. You feel me?
    OP isn't the only one going to look at this post.
  18. First off, let me just say thank you for all of your advice. You are all some very cool cats.

    My situation is a little bit more cautious than perhaps the term "professional 30-something" implies. I am in the education field, and while if I had to hazard a guess I bet that 30% of the other teachers also smoke it cannot ever be discussed. Ever. And, I can't risk getting even a misdemeanor or a ticket. We have very strict morals clauses in our contracts, you can't even do some things that are technically legal (for example, it would be legal for me to make a sex tape, but I'd lose my job if I did). Anything on my record would be a MAJOR issue. So there's that.

    What I think I am going to do is ask a friend of a friend. My boyfriend and my cousin are actually friends with the same guy; they all go to the same gym and I know that the guy in question smokes. And, as I recall, my boyfriend and he are going to see whatever the latest superhero movie is together this weekend, so I'm going to have him ask the guy for me.If he says no, he's says no. But really either way it's no skin off of my back
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  19. if you need to be cautious, be cautious.
    Take your time, do what you gotta do. And now that you mention it, do be careful and smart.
    and a ticket wouldn't hurt your job cause they would never know about it getting caught with poss is like getting a speeding ticket in most states. I've gotten a couple myself without a crim record still, Never had problems getting jobs.
    The risk is sometimes not worth the reward and good things come to those who wait, be patient it will find it's way to you and be vigilant. Be smart, and stay safe.
    The only way seems to be to ask around, but carefully. If you they sketch you out deny any allegations of interest.

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