Dealer Missing?!?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheRealPurp, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Wouldn't be too keen on leaving a lot of messages on his phone... you don't know whose hands it's in right now.

    Depending on how deep this guy is, maybe he got knocked or is being held by people?
  2. Don't ask questions.
    Or you'll be next.
  3. if he's in jail you can check the county jails website under inmate lookup. you need the persons first and last name and possibly their D.O.B., that's how i found a buddy of mine.
  4. have you checked the river?
  5. I think if some dealers are feeling too much heat they disconnect all their old contacts and phone, then start fresh or even quit dealing.

    One guy i know one day decided he didn't want to deal anymore so he just disappeared off the face of the planet. Phone was disconnected and nobody heard of him again.
    I then ran into him a year later and he said it was the only way to clean his slate. He was very different and i guess it's fair enough cos the repercussions of dealing can be very high.
  6. UPDATE! haha we found him...idk where he or his fam was.but he said he got a new numbeer..i think he does this every once in a while.cuz while iv know him hes had like 10 different numbers.just randomly changes it. Soooo idk its prolly just how he works.hes cool though haha.

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