Dealer Missing?!?!

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  1. Well title says it all.Can't find my dealer...His phone says its disconnected when you call it.All he does is smoke and deal and play xbox all day.He hasn't been on xbox in over 3 days.Last time we saw him was friday and everything was good.And we can't find him and nobodys at his house.this fucking sucks:(
  2. Sounds like he got locked up. :(
  3. He is running from a guy named ted jones.

    You missed out on an awesome adventure bro.
  4. maybe he's avoiding you... :hide:
  5. shits fucked up, kick down his door and loot his house, fri xbox!
  6. did you check his closet?
  7. Sounds like he might of..uhh..went to jail? :bolt:
  8. Yeah, this happened with a friend of mine. Generally when they go missing, its because they went to jail, and whoever they called is too much of an asshole to let anybody know.
  9. im thinking he got busted..but like nooobody was trace.and hes got a wife and liek a 9 yr old idk im hoping its all good
  10. If he did get locked would probably be in his best interest not to let his customers know. Last thing he would want is some publicity on the street, it would only attract more attention to him when he gets out.

    Or he is on vacation and turned off his phone. Sometimes my dude will go AWOL and turn his shit off and go somewhere.

    gotta spend that money somehow.

  11. Well how would the person who they called know anyone's number?
    What's he gonna do, update his facebook and say he went to jail
    for dealing? Doubt it. That's the dealer's job. They shouldn't bring
    anyone into their own shit. Hah.
  12. Lol.
    When this happened to my friend and me, we found out a year later that our dealer was
    locked up after being caught with another drug. Or it's a possibility that he's out of town.

  13. LOL,
  14. My dealer went missing one time. Then I found him at walmart.
  15. Call the police station and ask if they arrested him. If so, ask them if he brought his weed with him and if it would be okay if you came down to buy some.
  16. haha i mean i figure hes been pinched.because me and my buddy are real good friends with this dude.chillest dude ever.and we just fucking saw him.but it isnt him to just up and leave with everybody.
  17. Haha

  18. fuck it dude, all I'm sayin is around here, all the dealers are in the friend circle...

  19. this!

  20. yea:smoke:

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