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Dealer Left Me To Get Robbed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JackJoker, May 30, 2013.

  1. ok so i called a guy who i dont usually get my stuff from. i got to the stop and called saying "dude is there somewhere i can meet you cos im just hanging around". he said ill be there soon it was then i saw a guy come on a moped. he was about 23 6 1 and looked big he said what you doing?i said waiting for a friend. he said i know your getting weed from someone so gimmie the money . i said i aint got nothing he tried to search me i then tried to ride my bike away and said i gotta go man gotta meet my guy. he then then tried grab me who i road on. he road up against me and tried grab me and knock me off in the end i got to a public place where if he stabbed me someone may have seen. people saw him trying to rob me but they did nothing. in the end i ended up giving £20 to him cause i "broke his bike" when i picked him away from me when he was trying to get me. 
    \nso my dealer calls me 15min later saying "you ok? did that guy on the bike rob you?" i said yes and explained what happened. he then replied "the same guy on the bike was asking if i was selling weed". i said to the dealer you should have called me or text me to go somewhere else or at least let me know the guy is in the area and that i should walk somewhere to meet him. there was a less chance of it happening if im in that spot.
    \ni know who the guy is  thats the crazy thing i played basketball with this guy like 5 months ago. i dont know if i should tell my parents what happened or not. no one knows what happened yet now i dont know if should smoke weed any more and the fact the guy did that dont mean he will try it again.
    all in all im not happy about my dealer and how he didnt warn me in anyway. he said "next time i will plan it better"......

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    bro that fucking dealer set the whole thing up, robbed you for only 20, i could see if you were coming to buy some weight but yea your dealer set you up, but you said that this isnt your regular dealer right?
    called and asked you " you ok?, he asked me if i was selling weed and tried to rob me"
    bullshit me and my friends did that same thing atleast 3 different times
    if you know who it is, catch him slipping and drop that motherfucker, also go rob your fucking dealer, most dealers are pussies
    this is what the world has come to, but you dont let no one fuck you over....G!
  3. Don't listen to the guy above me at all. NEVER stoop to their level, you are better then them.
    And then they shoot OP inretaliation. Real good advice. Just let it go OP it's only 20 bucks.
  5. Dude, what?
    Why did you give him 20 euros? What the hell? I would have been like "fuck you, get the hell away from me before I call the cops" and spit in his face.
    If he robbed him for 20 bucks, (and sent someone else to do it) I highly doubt he'd shoot him.
    OP, you shouldn't have given him the money.  You should have given him a whack in the face the second he laid a finger on you.  At this point, I'd say let it go.  That was on you.
  7. Idunno, getting stabbed over 20 bucks is kinda dumb. I would have rode my ass away as fast as I could go. 
  8. #8 clizoudkicker08, May 30, 2013
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    im just saying what i would do in the situation, 
    yea let it go and you get labeled a pussy and then they think they can do it again, and if they kknow where you live, might try to rob your house etc, more problems can escalate from you just not doing nothing, and then again they can escalate too if you do something, somebody robbed me, better be at gun point. my point is that you shoudnt let nobody bitch you, and thats what they did, bitched you.
    obviously you 2 would let somebody rob you while their on a bike, haha bitches, shows how soft yall are, and your gonne take peoples shit
    And next I'm expecting you to tell us you're something along the lines of a 6'2 220 pound boxer or something rofl.
  10. better yet, i own a 357 snub nose and have my concealed firearms license and keep it on me at all times good enough for you?
  12. Why is this crap posted 10 times in different subsections of this forum?
    Much better than what I was expecting you to say.
  14. he wants advice really bad.
  15. this is why there are gangs because of this guy.
  16. and how is this?
  17. you want him to fight back I'm sure this kid has some friends to back him up or a "gang" rather than friends. And I'm sure this dealer has some friends or a "gang" as well. And you encourage him to beat up the dealer then the dealer will get his possy to give the op a beating. It will just keep going back and forwarth. That's some bad advice he should just move one unless he want trouble.
  18. Your approach to the situation does nothing but perpetuate the arbitrary cycle of violence that most people are trying to escape. It is a primitive approach and accomplishes absolutely nothing. Robbing somebody because they robbed you is no excuse; that lowers you to their level. The cycle only makes people become enemies, eventually people take sides and 'gangs' are formed.
  19. Screw that dealer, get a new one that won't possibly put you in danger, I used to go to dealers, but I go to a dispensary now (I live in Washington State, USA). I have almost gotten in trouble with the cops because of a dealer of mine was being dumb as shit, but find someone that you can trust. That dealer could have played you and been working with the guy that robbed you. idk, but one thing is for sure, don't take anything to literal in life, just because you had a bad experience, does not mean you should quit smoking weed, but maybe learn from this experience and possibly consider not buying from the dealer or if it was a random coincidence, maybe he would be more willing to meet you somewhere that is not as sketchy (If possible)
  20. did i say go get your friends? you clearly need to read more clearer, and you my friend is aslo a bitch to stand there and get fucking robbed by some nigga on a bike, if this was me, this dealer and nigga would have me fucked up and would have to see me about it

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