Dealer Is Out Of The Country..should I Call Dealer From 1 Year Ago?

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  1. My dealer left the country and I'm all out of bud.  He's going to be gone a little over a week.  I have a friend that shares in the cost of bud and I end up getting my share for free basically.  If I lose one week then he may not want to share then.
    So my options are to just stay clean until he gets back or find a temp dealer for the time being.  I'm loyal to this guy because he delivers and hooks me up nice.
    It doesn't look like I'm going to have a lot of luck going through friends or anything,
    I could text my dealer I used to buy from 1 year ago.  I had bought from him regularly for a longtime up to that point...for years.
    I stopped buying from him because his weed really started to suck and wasn't worth it.  Not sure if he'd have better bud again now or if he'd even be around.
    Wondering if I should give him a call...

    My one friend wants bud too so it makes the decision more difficult.  Otherwise, I'd maybe just wait.  Should I text the old dealer?  We talked a lot through text but haven't talked to him in close to a year.

  2. Instead of text, call up the old dealer if you really want trees
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  3. from psychological point this works better!
  4. Just call him. Considering the situation, and I go by this as a rule of thumb; texting is sketchy, calling is not. Voice to voice is so much of a better shot, especially since you are talking about someone you have not contacted in over a year. Compounding the matter is that you are presumably contacting him for something illegal. Need I go on? just call, brah.
    jah!/ :smoking:
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    Well if the numbee is still the samr call. But maybe not if your only get like a small he might not move for you who knows hit him up.
  6. Don't text that nigga. Call him

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  7. Use YOUR judgement. We don't know the other guy, you do.

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