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Dealer is dry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mumbah, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. How long does it normally take for a dealer to get  his supply back. Mine has said he has been dry for 3 days now..

  2. Approximately 4 days and 7 hours

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  3. a dealer should never be out of stock
  4. Shit.
  5. lol don't worry about it, it happens. he'll hit you up when he gets some more. 
  6. You should alwase have 2 or three dealers on hand
  7. Depends on why he is dry and how well your dealer is connected. Could be a week, could be a month. Asking them would be your best bet at an accurate answer.
  8. He got busted. The Feds are on their way to your place op. Quickly but calmly, delete your account, clear browsing history, kill your stash and realize that you should ask your dealer himself instead of ppl on the Internet who sadly have no way of predicting the future.

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  9. #9 Heroic Dose, Apr 2, 2014
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    any dealer worth his salt is going to pick up before he runs out barring unforeseen problems.

    if that isnt the case its a total tossup. some hs kid peddling a few dime bags a week that fancies himself a dealer probably will take a few days at least
  10. Why do you suppose the internetz would know this?
  11. You better go to, "Dealerz are us," and buy yourself a new dealer bro.
  12. That's why you alaways buy more before ya run out usually start looking for a bag once I'm down to a eighth

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  13. This is all dependant on variables that you haven't provided us blades, OP.
    In other words, we're not going to have any idea as to when your dealer is going to re-stock, but here's hoping it's soon.  :smoke:
  14. bruce down at s-mart is my supplier. he always has pounds of homelite xl and boomstick on hand.
  15. This
  16. maybe hes/she is the type that consumes more than he/she sells.
  17. Your question is not one any of us can answer.
    You just sound like you're craving brother.
    Find more dealers

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  18. a couple minutes, i mean if he says hge has to reload then i would suspect he's on that shit. 
  19. 7 maybe 8

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  20. He should be up and running with about 7 marijuanas in about 4 hours and 20 minutes.

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