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Dealer is dry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by datguy99, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Ive know this guy for a couple of months got 5G of some sour diesel from him and a bunch of other shit, and he always throws in like an extra 1/2 a gram or gram (weighed it plus he tells me) but lately he's been dry he keeps saying the guy he gets it from is flaking on him and I don't know if I should look for a new dealer or just wait it out and see. Also I don't want to bug him  (been happening for like 2 weeks this is the 3rd) 

  2. Where do you live? I remember being young and not having "connects"
  3. You should find someone else to buy off while he doesn't have anything

    Stay Scheming, Stay Frosty
  4. Look for a temporary dealer.
    if you are a good customer then your guy will get in touch when he reups..
    till then.. find another source.. can't have too many connections man.
  6. I say try calling one more time, 3 weeks is a long time being dry.
    make sure you let him know, you dont mean to bug him but your in need, if not tell him to let you know asap
    meanwhile you should be looking for a new dealer. you have no friends that smoke?
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    You should always have backups!
  8. Get some connects off of some buddies you trust.
    Around here if a dealer's out, i just ask for one of HIS contacts. It seemed kinda rude at first but if I go to Walmart and they don't have something I need, I leave and go to another store... sooo it's kinda the same concept.
  9. Like others have said, keep growing your bud network. Even now that I grow I still keep up with my old never know when you may need em. Sucks when you only have one hookup in situations like this but all you can really do is ask him to hit ya up when he has more and in the meantime continue to look for and build relationships with fellow smokers. Good luck
  10. you must always have several connects in case that happens , i have around 12 and this way i can almost always have weed available within an hour or so time frame . where do u live? and dont worry hitting him up once a week is no big deal , its a business you should never feel as if your bugging them because they want your money, if it was me i would be hitting him every 3 days just saying "wats good did u reup?" and thats it , no stress
  11. i always have like 4 crackhead emergency numbers if i REALY need bud
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    If you know someone else don't waste time and just ask someone else its always good to have multiple gardeners ranging in quality and variety.
    once again, this.
    ugh this was the worst. I remember going into an Ale House next to a university and asking the waiters in there, only took like 10 minutes to score but still I was nervous for those 10 minutes.
  13. I have like 5 dealers I go to.
    -One has really good dank fuckin fire, but he's pricey,
    -one has some pretty good beasters and his prices are good.
    -One actually grows himself so his prices are the best.
    -one lives the closest to me and always has different strains an smokes me up
    -and the other guy always delivers it to me so i don't have to drive

    It's good to have different dealers.
  14. I know how this feels. Sometimes my dealer is dry for days at a time. I live in a island so its understandable. But i too have no other connect so i just have to sit around and wait while it happends.

    I love smoking weed. Full time pot smoker. Tons of experience so hit me up for anything!
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  15. Yeah man, like the other blades said...grow your network. Check in with him...but look elsewhere. And if you find something good...Let him know and see if maybe he wants some too. Hook him up with a g in case he's out too.

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