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Dealer help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChummyGod, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Hello, im somewhat apprentice and am very skeptical. I needed an dealer and a person i somewhat know texts me and gives me a dudes social media account and says hes good. Should i trust him, could he scam me and how could he?
  2. Just hang out. Mention what you need, but offer to hang on a friendly basis. Suggest he spark up and if he breaks out the goods then he's cool :)
  3. Cool, but its like i think hes way older than me
  4. How old are you. Why'd he give you his social media. If he deals he'd have a number to be reached at.
  5. 19, the dude knew i needed a plug and he sent me his social media(sc)
  6. And be prepared to do the same thing I'm doing at this very moment. Waiting for the dude to even show up
  7. trust me you're going to hear plenty of "I'm on the way"'s in your lifetime
  8. But again i mean ik my weed stuff so if i just let him know that and asked him to pull up do you think he would scam me, and why/how
  9. Dang, would it help to let him now in advanced:D
  10. If you are an hour away, say you're at the mailbox with a coffee
  11. Protip: Always have one on standby
  12. The only way to find out is to try it. If you don't trust the person who told you about the guy, don't do it. If you do, then go for it. Talk with the dude if you get a chance. About anything. Just feel him out and if you get a good vibe and the smokes good, then you got a good dude.
    Even if the guys 40, age isn't all that much of a barrier. You're not a twelve year old alien. We're all humans and can relate in some way or another.
  13. So i cant just be like "your my hookup" like cant he be my hookup, not much more? I mean like i hope a dealer can roll with that but i wouldnt know
  14. Not sure I follow :blink:
  15. I mean i dont really got alot of tine to chill with him, if i was like " yo "blah blah" told me about u and said ur a good plug, could u hook me up" would that work
  16. Yeah man that works fine lol
  17. Chattin now, kinda seems stuck up, whats the deal?
  18. Age doesn't mean shit when your buying weed :confused_2: I've bought of friend of a friend who was 16,one of my dealers is 60 and anothers in his 30s doesn't really matter what age to me as long as they dont try and rip me off and are chill:hello:
  19. Idk I haven't met the guy
  20. Well of course he could scam you lol... I would suggest hanging out with him or when you first buy from him, smoke with him and get to know him a little better if he'd be down with that

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