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Dealer Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 77reaver77, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. #1 77reaver77, Aug 17, 2012
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    So i've known this guy for quite some time, he's a pretty decent friend in the sense of being a friend. But when it comes to weed, he always undercuts by selling me .8 of a gram, i've confronted him before about it and it did some good for awhile, until now. I found myself a newer, more trustworthy dealer but how should i break ties, or should i let him now that he keeps bullshitting me he isn't gonna get any more business. Help me out bros

    Edit * should i notify him about the undercuts through text or meet him in person *
  2. Nope, you just stop doing business with him, it's that simple.

    No need to trap people into acting in a certain fashion as some sort of retribution, just don't deal with them if they don't suit/respect you.
  3. every time he asks you if you need weed just say you already picked up
  4. Thanks for the info, it has been a couple deals where i've been undercut and it's just plain annoying, buying 40$ worth and getting 1.6g, of some decent quality isn't worth it anymore.
  5. I'm geussing you are not a regular friend of the dealer? I would just not hit him up and if he texts you dont be a dick lol because you never know if you will need him again
  6. Keep him as a backup dealer. No matter how reliable your other guy, he may be on vacation, dry, busy, at work, etc.

    Don't say anything until something happens with your new primary dealer, then go hit him up.
  7. Tell him the truth, it's that simple :)
  8. Well if you ever get a bag thats short text your guy and say something but in a nice, not blaming way. You kinda screwed yourself by not saying anything.
  9. i quit smoking. thats what i used to tell the dealers what would try to hit me up to sell to me lol. its like wtf you doing texting me asking if i want to buy. thats not how it works.

    just tell him, i quit smoking, or i found a better connect. never know he might just start to hook it up...
  10. Depends on his personality, my dealer would wanna meet me in person, not no text/call bullshit.

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