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Dealer got snitched on, ohh well.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. My dealer has been out of touch with me lately. I wondered what was going on until i found out recently that he got caught because someone snitched. Makes me want to beat the living hell out of whoever did that, he was a really nice dealer too. Not saying deals and weed exactly but he is polite and very reliable as a person. Sucks...
  2. that sucks man, snitches get stitches
  3. oh man nothing worse than a snitch
  4. Snitches man.....
  5. Yep he lost like 120 bucks of weed and way more of pieces and shit.

  6. That's it?!?!?

    That's nothing man....

    Snitches suck, I agree, but sounds like your dealer got lucky as shit. Or, considering he only had $120 worth of weed, sounds like he just got busted for simple possession and paraphernalia. Who snitches on a dude sittin on a buck 20 worth of bud?!?!?
  7. Snitches suck .but your dealer got lucky. I had the best dealer you could possibly imagine but was shot over an Oz.
  8. Yeah that sucks but at least it was not way worse.
  9. wtf is all i can think of.

  10. I agree that is a great save, but at our college weed is sold to other kids through dimes and dubs and shit. No one really smokes a lot of weed, I smoke 'errday though. He probably was seen giving a kid a sack from some tight ass, and he just told the administrators.
  11. LOL.

    Dealer lost 120 of weed.

    I lost pounds and 20k cash.

    Your dude got lucky.
  12. Dam bro know how you fill excpept my dealers grow house got hit he must of had at least five pounds in there. Sucks man
  13. Probably some ignorant kid who got caught by the police, 'Snitch and we'll go easier on you!'
  14. [quote name='"HxCurt"']LOL.

    Dealer lost 120 of weed.

    I lost pounds and 20k cash.

    Your dude got lucky.[/quote]

    Ok well the fact he didnt have that much means he obviously doesnt smoke a lot. Thats a big stash to him
  15. I'm starting to get the impression this dude isn't exactly a dealer....

    More like a guy who buys for himself, and middlemans for others???
  16. Dealer

    120 big stash

  17. Haha this always used to happen to me... I used to find a decent, reliable hookup and then they don't answer their phones for like a while or it gets disconnected. Usually that's when I figure out what happened and then find out the story much later.

    I've been sticking to low-key hookups now who only associate with a few trusty clientelle because I find I don't get let down as easily haha.
  18. Well, if he only lost about 120, at least he'll probably be dealing again soon. Lucky he didn't get caught with enough to be in jail.

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