Dealer got busted. I'm gonna invest in her to get her shit back up and running

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by simmer, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. :cool:
    So my dealer, she got robbed. idk if they took her money AND her weed but whatever it was they took, she doesn't have it anymore and isn't selling at the moment.

    It's not much but I'm giving her thirty bucks to help her get back on her feet and start hooking me up again :p
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  2. 30$ wooahh
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  3. 30 is just enough to get back in the game if you no what your doing, and dont smoke all the bud
  4. Yeah I realize that some people are rich and don't know the meaning of a dollar. Thirty is all I had to give. Well I coulda given her an extra ten but i just happened to only have thirty on me :p
  5. good karma. Hopefully she returns the favor :)
  6. Is she hot ><

  7. Yeah, the World of Warcraft game, maybe.
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  8. 30$ is a very minor investment maybe something more like $100-$200 but good karma for you every bit helps
  9. I know someone that started in the game like this..

    He was doing pretty well 'till he got robbed at gun point, shady shady deal.

    Nah, you still gotta buy the expansion packs breh.
  10. how altruistic of you
  11. That was nice of you but is 30 bucks even thread worthy
  12. 30 bucks is a 1.5g bag man, that is not enough to get back in the game, even if you are super good at it.

    my guy got ropped at gun point and pistol whipped for $7k and 2lb's. he managed to get back into the game w/in a week.

  13. Who said the bud she was selling was worth 1.5 per 30?

    It could be 7 or 8 grams mid

    in that case you can flip for dbl
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  14. well, i guess, but who would rob a dealer of shitty weed?
  15. If you're smart, you could come up on whatever amount you could get your hands on. Thirty bucks could be anything from three dubs to a one point five to a half. People have made mountains out of smaller.
  16. with my area prices(dont kno urs), she can grab an eigth of good stuff for 30

    chop it in dimes, eeeuggg nvm of luck to her tho
  17. the negative feedback here is ridiculous.. good looks on throwin $30 to your dealer, that was a nice thing. Karma will be on your side.

    $30 here will get you around 3grams of dank.. I know we can't talk about selling, but what thats "worth" when sold in dimes, could make around double. jus' sayin.

    And who says the girl only has $30? maybe her dealer will front her.
  18. 30 is all you need if u have a connect who will help u out and hook u up with like 18g of mids and than you flip that for 70-80 bucks and same deal and your back in the game.

    butttt yeall dunno what u doin
  19. whats this talk with "mids" is this an american thing??...theres no lower quality weed you can grab in higher quantities with less money around here

    ^^ 18g of mids for 30?? where the fuck can i grab 18gs for 30 dollars??? never heard in my life

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