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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by petrified, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. AIght you guys, we all have dealers, and may of them give you slightly over weight on purpose so that you come back to them for more. This however is done only after you have bought from them a couple of times... well i was just travelling europe for over 2 months, and 3 of the ciites i hit, i get more weed for free from the dealer than what i pay for.

    It was INSANE...


    in one city....i go and buy a gram of weed, pay the dealer, and he gives me WAY too much change (dude is stoned outta his mind) i tell him he has given way too much, and he is thank ful. a minute later i look on my table, and his valet is there....i give it back to the guy...and ofcouse he is hell thank full.... 10 minutes later, he comes up and gives me 2 grams for free....hahahah

    in onother city....i sit there rolling, and some guy comes and asks for a ciggy....yeah no worries...i pass him one....he asks for some paper, no worries, i give him a couple of sheets..... 5 minutes later, gives me about a gram and a half of weed just for respect, i roll it, and share it with him, and in return he gives me another gram for free.,...\

    the WHACKEST story by far.....buying from a dealer, he weighst the has infront of me, and its 1.3 grams. i ask him if its cool that he takes a bit out so that it becomes 1.2 grams (i am a superstitios guy) and he says NO, and gives me 2 grams of his MOST EXPENSIVE stuff....and says...from now on 1.3 is your lucky number


    funnies thing is that all these dealers i met for the first time in my life, and and iget all this stuff for fre.....why aint my normal dealers at home like this

    god damn

    anyway let me know how many opf u got similar stories with free weed
  2. didn't exactly get weed for free but found half an oz in a coat ihadn't worn for ages that i thought id lost , best bit was i was dry at the time ,wot a bonus
  3. good karma man, that's all I have to say
  4. Hehe definitely doing something right petrified.
  5. Good karma, and people in Europe aren't fuckin dicks like here in America.
  6. true about all the dicks in america.

    Growing up in one of these big cities like New York, Detrioit, Los Angeles, etc, fucks a lot of people up mentally and spiritually. Its so corrupt now and everyone takes the media so seriously, it naturally corrupts childrens minds. Kids dont know these days that TV and Movies are made for entertainment, but they take it seriously and begin to act like that. Same with music. They listen to an eminem song and all of a sudden they start dressing and talking like him. Sooner or later they get sucked into that and thats what they become. Kids listen to some Marilyn Manson and then shoot up their school. See all music/media is great, but thats what mainly corrupts these cities. Its because the media is what the govornment use to keep us brainwashed basically. I I ever have kids, im gonna raise them somewhere nice and peaceful and open. Not in the fuckin city.
  7. If it was me and my dealer gave me too much weed I WOUODN't say a damn thing!Best believe stupid ass....pbshh!
  8. tv sucks your brain!!!!

  9. Watch out for Karma.
  10. hmmm, karma eh??? - i hear about this do I obtain some of this substance ;)

    where were you travelling, petrified? i have a free plane ticket coming my way to pretty much anywhere....where should I go? amsterdam? canada? id really like to be able to smoke some fine herb in public, i hate hiding it...which *shiver* brings back memories of when i got too comfortable with my weed in public, haha
  11. Xavior, come to Vancouver BC on April 20! Every year there is a HUGE party all day infront of the art museum, and every just tokes and there is weed to buy in every form everywhere! People give out free joints, blunts, pipe, everything. And best of all, the Police dont do anything!! They dont arrest anyone. Too many people to do anything about. Same thing on July 1st (Canada Day)_

    I think its called Oh Cannibus or something. But I cant wait ti go this year ;)
  12. once my and my friends got about 1.5 gram, cus our dealer was stoned as shit, but he always sizes up our bags though, so it was good, once he gave me 5 grams when i only paid for 2, it was great. AND that weekend was the HFStival... TOO COOL!
  13. man, even more free weed....

    thought i'd just add it here to, add to the collection of my free weed stories....

    now, some of the weed that i brought back from copehnagen, i took to uk with me...thats where i am from....

    it was prime afgan....the stuff i got for free when i asked the dealer there to gimme 1.2 grams instead of 1.3 grams

    when talking to my regular dealer, i rolled him one joint of this stuff....and he was FUCKED...well we were together, made a super cocktail......

    he was so happy about me sharing my imported weed with him, that until this day, not only do i get discounts, but sometimes weed worth 15 us dollars for free.....

    here is a conversation that has become typical between us

    me - here is the 10pounds that i owe u for the weed
    dealer - i'll take it later, here, take my bag, and roll us a nice danish joint (i learnt how to roll the best joints in denmark...and no one i know can roll quite as well)
    after the joint is finished
    me - here is the tenner mate
    dealer - dont worry about it, just buy from me next time u buy some

    its the best.......

    and about the many times, i have firends come over to my room, throw me their bag of weed, ask me to roll them some joints. after i do, they let me pick a joint to keep for my self, or invite me to smoke with them....

    true, maybe it is i am very freely giving my weed, or sharing it with unknown ppl....if in a party, i will try not to smoke a joint with ppl that i already know....just walk around, and offer it to some random ppl to share with normally turns out greatly in my advantage, as they always invite to share their joint with them as well....

    weed is the best!

    i love u weed!
  14. once a dealer gave me about an eigth because i let him borrow my bowl and he had it for almost a month, so when i went back he said here this comes with it. so we smoked a bowl and left. free pot, gotta love it.
  15. Thats soo Crazy.,
    The only time I got free weed was on a bus trip. It was pretty funny stuff though I met this guy and he was really hungry so I gave him a bag of chips and he offered to smoke a joint with me so I said alright, then at his stop he threw another joint at me. Then the next town we went through this chick got on and we got into the onversation of weed so i offered to smoke the joint with her and then when she left she gave me two joints for my long jurney this happened another 5 times it was crazy...The best part is before i left I was supposed to pick up but was running late to get to the bus so i was all bumed i wasnt gonna be stoned on the trip.

    (I cant take bus trips if im not stoned they make me sick)
  16. heh...


  17. Fuck yea man! This bloke 7Leaves420 is a fuckin stoner! Let's applaud this guy for being a fucking stoner! hip hip hooraaaaaah! hip hip hooraaaaaaaaaaaah! hip hip horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa!

    man.... im so high. i just got free bud man. this guy, this man here, he gave me this kb just a nhour or two ago. and im good.
  18. damn the most weed for free was an eighth and that was thrown ontop of a half ounce
  19. lucky lucky people.
  20. NO...from now on 1.3 is your lucky number.

    hahahahahaha! that was great...reminds me a lot of my friend. he was sellin me a gram and he was really retarded. he gave me 3.0, i dunno what he was thinkin. im like, "dude, take out those two nugs". he just looks at me with this evil glare, takes out a baggie, stuffs the herb in, takes my $15, shoves the bag in my hand and gets really close to my face, "And you better fuckin like it!". i almost pissed myself i was laughing so much. of course we just sat there and rolled a bunch a joints...mmm.

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