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Dealer gave me schwag for he price of dank and won't respond to me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by grxthy, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. So for a while now my friend was buying from this kid who always has some extremely dank stuff. I got his number and asked if he could hmu with 1/8 of some dank. Later I met him around a playground near an elementary school, there were people around so I didn't really have time to look at the bud. I drove home and the bud literally smelled like dirt. Seeds, stems, and brown everywhere. I texted him later and said this is some reggie shit I want my money back, he said the person he bought from gave him mids and that he'll bless me when he gets his money back. One week has passed of me asking where my 1/8th is and he keeps telling me "I got you I'll lyk" meanwhile his snapchat story is him ripping bong and pictures of bud. What do I do in a situation like this? Obviously it has something to do with me being a new customer to him, but is there anyway to either get my cash back or 1/8th?
  2. Next time look at the bud you buy.

    My money doesn't come out of my wallet until I'm happy with what I'm about to pay for.
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  3. you accept that you got swindled and move on. anything further will just make matters worse.
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  4. Learn your lesson, look at the bud in the first place.

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  6. Let it go, time to find new dealer. Take it as a lesson learned, also I'm pretty sure it's a extra charge if you get caught doing a crime on school grounds, correct me I I'm wrong. Btw you won't be getting your money back, though I'm sure you already knew this. You could contact your local PD and make sure to bring the drugs with you bro also receipt if dealer gave you 1 .

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  7. As eazy e would say 'you got ganked'

    fo real doe, if a dealer wants to meet at a playground, that should set off some alarms in your head
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  8. Why in the world would you ever meet someone near a school in the first place, plus not examine the weed first. It is what it is. Just find someone else and never do business with said individual again and move on. Plain and simple.
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  9. Let him know you wont be doing business with him anymore
  10. His dealer has a snapchat?

    These new age smokers I tell ya buying dirt weed at elementary schools and doing bong rips for all the world to see. Gotta love em.

    But on the serious side of things just have your buddy call him arrange to meet him and go with him and confront him....I'm not responsible for what you do afterwards ;) :cop:.
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  12. Op said dealer was flexing with bud on snapchat ( the app ), which is odd for a dealer to be doing. Well come to think of it he's prob not to bright in the first place, he is doing illegal acts on school grounds aka camera central & burning bridges for future business.
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  13. He's probably a teen. I bought off some dude that's one year younger than me(18). This dude only makes deals through snapchat lol. I usually buy from older people they are less paranoid.

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  14. Don't buy from him again and spread the word about him.You can grow with the seeds to.
  15. Find an honest dealer and let him offer to get right with you if he wants. Either way, decline the offer and call it a loss and move on. No sense getting caught up in any nonsense over an 1/8. You just outed a dealer as a thief. There'll be more.

    Once you find one that doesn't sell you a bag of stems, you hold on to him/her forever. Hopefully it's a her.

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  16. When I buy drugs from kids I at least offer to give them a ride to school. Kids these days have it hard. Or wait, don't be someone who uses the black market to buy drugs from kids. I DARE you to do shit legally, even if it's the harder way.
  17. Idk stab him in the dick?
  18. Lol, only doing deals through snapchat is the opposite of paranoid
  19. Thankfully my dealer is a cool af dude. One time I paid for an 1/8, he usually hooks it up so I was assuming it would come out to be maybe 3.8 or so and be relatively dank. I don't usually have to check the bags bc I trust him. But this time I got home, looked at the bag and was immediately furious. It was like 2 grams of some awful, stemmy, schwag. I texted him telling him how angry I was bc I didn't pay $35 for this garbage. At first he responded saying "sorry dude... that's what I have...." basically. Then about 10 minutes later I get another text telling me that he's super sorry and he accidentally gave me the wrong bag. He stopped by my house and gave me the correct bag. Like almost 4 grams of some decent bud. Idk... kinda funny story.

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