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Dealer etiquette question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighMountainSkier, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Is it bad etiquette to ask my dealer to get better weed?

    My dealer is in his early 40's, runs a successful medical business, kid in college. We used to work for the same company at one point, but oddly I didn't know him back then. Last night I dipped into my reserve stash of good weed, and enjoyed a nice almost 3 hour high, and a bowl that seemed to vape forever.

    I miss smoking really good weed.

    My dealer, is very dependable. We go meet in a major city. In this area, we have a lot of easy access choices, never more then an hour drive for either of us. The only problem is my dealer has

    The buds are a good size, and it's been properly cured, but it is really seedy. It's dirt cheap though. I wouldn't mind paying more for higher caliber weed. Dealer once told me that he could get me more then just weed. Should I just ask for stronger weed, less seeds, medical grade or mention a specific name?

    What's a good approach here?
  2. ask him if he could find some better quality bud and tell him you have the extra money . I don't think he will mind

    or find a dealer wit better buds
  3. You can ask, Some dealers might not take it the best, but you're the customer and are looking for higher quality it doesn't hurt to ask.

    If he's mature he'll either help you out or he wont. If he's not mature, and touchy, be might get offended.

    But you'll never know if you dont ask.

    Maybe his customers all like regs/mids? Maybe thats what he smokes, so that's why he sells it?
    But most likely he doesn't have high quality because he doesn't have regular access to it, or enough of a connect to sell high quality regularly.
  4. it's OK. just ask him if he can track down some more expensive stuff (obviously mention you're willing to pay more lol) and I'm sure he will be fine about it
  5. definitely ask bruh.

    if he gets angry and turns you down..

    then fuck em.. lol.. not literally.

    but if he cant get you better weed..

    guess its time for a new dealer.

  6. Thanks for the prompt feedback Blades. I sent him a message confirming our next appointment, and the request for finer herbs.

    I think the reason for the crappy middies is that's what I see him hitting. I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way, because it's gonna really suck to have to find another dealer.
  7. Dude he's not gonna be pissed as long as you're not a dick about it. If you want better weed say something. I'm sure he won't mind.
  8. yea, as long as your not like "hey man.. this shit is bunk lately, can I get something better" he should be cool.

    And if he does take it the wrong way, if it bothers him, then you know he's not mature and not the best person to do business with.

    i mean it's not like he has dank, and you'r asking for danker. You said his stuff has seeds, he obviously has to know that, and obviously has to know there is much better out there.
  9. IF I WERE TO SELL MARIJUANA I would not be offended if a customer asked for a higher quality product. As long as you are willing go pay, I see no reason he can't provide what you ask for. Although dealing drugs is illegal, it is still a business and it is the distributors job to please the customer.
  10. Find a new dealer. Trust me, dealers are in nature scurvy people. When they are challenged they naturally become violent. And asking for better than what he supplies you is a challenge. A street dealer will only hook you up if he likes you. My dealer used to slang me schwag till I started hanging out with him and then grade started coming my way. But my advice is to meet new connects. Because essentially your dealer is not your friend he is a business man and they only exist to make money.

    A dealer's purpose is to make money, not sell weed. If you catch my drift.
  11. Keep us up to date on what he says

  12. Dude.... What the fuck. Way to contribute to the sterotypes

  13. i don't know what you're talking about, my dealer happens to be my best friend, and happens to give great service to anyone he sells to.
  14. #14 connor ruh, Aug 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    This! I'm willing to bet there are more violent crimes committed in a year by "suit and tie" business men than, dealers. By nature dealers have to be careful, and reacting violently is a great way go have a 1 way with the cops, and nobody wants to do that. Calm down, and don't jump to conclusions that all people who deal pot are criminals (because last time I checked you are one too)..
  15. And the OP specifically posted that his dealer is in his 40's, has a medical business, they used to work together, etc.

    Might the dealer get a little upset/butthurt? Maybe.... Get violent? HIGHLY doubt it
  16. lol not all dealers are like the ones in movies. unstable n shit.

    just ask if he/she can get some better quailty, u and ur friends are willing ot pay more for tha tshit..... tahts what u meant right?? like, u would willing to pay more for it. cuz he aint gonna get u higher qual shit for the same price, just coz he likes u n shit. yeah? soo... i mean, if i were a dealer and some1 asked me like that i wouldnt be offended.

    ps - i dunno, what dealers r like in some of ur areas, but over here i ask them all kinds of shit... i even been askign around for a certain ADD medication lately! the worst u can get from them, is an awkward stare, and a no. they dont seem to get pissed off
  17. can't really hurt to ask if you ask nicely. A dealer who cares for his business will try and help if he can. Especially if that means more $ in his pockets. Not all dealers are out to make the most money, obviously the money is a big factor, but maybe they just like to spread the herb around to people who appreciate it. Plus it's only weed, not like they r making a ton off it anyways!
  18. Most moronic statement of the day
  19. Lol, my dealer is actually very laid back, very non-violent. If you wanted to slap on a stereotype, geek accountant would be more suitable.

    I asked very nicely via a text and got a good/funny favorable reply. I'm optimistic.

  20. How is that moronic -________-

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