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Dealer Drama

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Citadel, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. So there are two dealers, I'll call them dealer A and dealer B. Dealer A is substantially smaller time and sometimes even buys from dealer B. Both of them have really good stuff: I've bought numerous times from dealer A, most of the time 1g and .5g pickups, and he has always weighed it out infront of me when I went to pickup.

    So i figured I'd start buying bigger from dealer A, and got an eighth. I told him that if i could get eighths for 55 then I'd always go to him (normal is 60/eighth in my area). So I went over to pickup, he handed me a container with popcorn nugs (looked pretty legit), and even smoked me out after. Only issue is that he didn't weigh it out infront of me, but since he has always done so in the past and even smoked me out, I figured it was straight.

    So a few nights ago I call him up again to pickup, he says that he's empty atm but I should come over and check out what this other guy has (dealer B). So they're both in the same room, I get a 60/eighth from dealer B of some really nice stuff - later that week, I see dealer B and we talk. He tells me that dealer A told him that he shorted me on that eighth and that he would get me 50 for 3g.

    Now at first I shrugged this off as just a dealer trying to make another one look bad just to get a customer, but after thinking about it I'm not so sure.

    Any thoughts?
  2. buy a scale and find out for yourself if you are being shorted
  3. invest in a scale of your own, a decent one should run you about $20-$30. or politely ask dealer A to weigh it out next time. but since he smoked you out, i would say it's not so bad. and if you find that he does short you, tell him you know he shorted you, but you're willing to put it behind you if he stops
  4. get a scale and know for sure.

    also do some math.....60 an 1/8 comes out to like 17 a gram while 50 for 3 grams comes to 16 a gram.

    so in the end you gettin a dollar a gram discount......which aint worth burning bridges.
  5. Yo dealer b is probbly bullshitting u to get his money up:D
  6. well i mean dealer A did give you an "eighth" for cheaper, and smoked you out after...he's been legit so far and unless he shorted you a lot i wouldn't worry about it
  7. Getting a scale would solve lots of problems, but if you can't get ahold of one for a while, a good tricky way to get dealers to weigh out weed in front of you if you don't want to look like you don't trust them is to be like "hey, could i get those divided evenly in separate bags real quick?" Think of an excuse for why (selling half to a friend or saving half for a trip or something...) and then you can watch him weigh them and do some math and make sure everything is okay. honestly, i'd get away from both dealer A and B if they're chillin tg but talking shit on the other's dealing abilities and whatnot, just gonna result in animosity in the end.
  8. Personally, I reckon dealer B is bullshitting you on this. Get a scale though.
  9. Try and find Dealer C, or Dealer M has some nice stuff.
  10. Depends on how much he shorted you. He did blaze you up, just ask that next time he weighs it in front of you.
  11. You must have been busy picking up all the time ... :confused:
  12. #12 Citadel, Feb 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2011
    Yo thanks for the responses so far. I just invested in that cheap 6 dollar scale off of Amazon, and I plan to buy another eighth from dealer A sometime after I recieve it just to make sure. I also plan to invite dealer A to smoke with us tonight, I'll completely smoke him up and we'll see what happens.

    Not gonna burn any bridges over a few dollars, but he's a cool dude and this may make things easier.

    Hah nah man, I usually buy in eighths, but I only met him in a period where money was a bit scarce (im a college student), so me and some friends would pitch in for .5 - 1gs just for one night's worth

    I should also add that dealer A is pretty good friends with one of my best friends (how I met him), and each time I bought one of those .5 or 1gs I had my friend with me, and when I got that eighth I was alone.

  13. i use Dealer I and Dealer E. They have the dank.
  14. Give dealer A one more chance and buy a scale. Don't say anything and if he shorts you fuck him.
  15. If he did short you I'm sure it was only like .2 or something. If it was even half a g im sure you would know. Dealer B probably is just bullshitting and wants you to buy from him.

  16. ^^^^ this he probably just wants you to buy from him rather than dealer A, but this wont be a problem anymore because u just bought a scale
  17. I've noticed what a lot of guys do with "dank" is to weight it all up then sort people out a few days later. By that time, it's lost weight through slight drying out, so what they think is say 2gs has gone down to 1.7g but they haven't bothered re-weighing it. Their problem, they're the dealer. If I pay for 2gs I expect 2gs, not what was 2gs a few days ago.
  18. It's a conspiracy, they are both working against you.

    I would start using B if he's straight and keep A around as a backup.
  19. sounds funny hearing people buying by the gram, where I am the minimum quantity any dealer will do is a qtr, guess that's just the diffrence in kinda already know the answer to your own question.......if Dealer A sometimes buys from Dealer B, but not the other way round then it's most likely that they both buy from Dealer C (or work for him), or that Dealer A buys from Dealer B all the time and gets a discount for buying in weight....then selling it onto you.....thus making you a good target for Dealer B as he gets more $ per gram from you than he does selling it to Dealer A.

    man I'm cheeched, and I hope that made sense, that's the way it would work round these parts anyway............Peace out..........Sid :)
  20. This isn't dealer drama. This is very miniscule. Seems like hearsay, and you didn't seem to get ripped off of the eigth. You smoked and enjoyed, but now you have something planted in your head next time you do pick up from A. But if dealer B says he can get you a better deal for same quality, seems logical to go through Dealer B. But just 3Gs? Where's the extra .5? 3.5G for 50 would be good deal. But if it's just 3G for 50, you're not saving any more or less money than you would if you bought 3.5G for 60.

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