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Dealer doesnt respond?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DToker420, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I've been dry for several days now and I'm getting kind of desperate. My guy told me on Wednesday that he was picking some up that night, so I thought I could just hit him up tomorrow for it. So I text him Thursday and he's working, try again Friday and he's working again. So I texted him yesterday and no response.
    I've only gone to him for a few or more times. His bud consistency is amazing, the best I've ever seen around here, but this is becoming a problem. Is it time for me to get a new dealer or should I just wait this out?
  2. you should have a couple backup dealers but continue to hit him up first if his quality is always amazing.
  3. Always have backups.

  4. Agreed, youre turning his illegal good into usable cash for him. If he doesnt value you enough as a customer to not dick you around like this, youd better find a new dealer.
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    I used to have a bunch of backups but one by one they all dropped out of the business. They all referred me to him so I went to him and was amazed. I just texted him now and am waiting for the response.
    Also, my town is pretty dry right now. I've texted multiple people about finding bud and so far he is the only one that I have heard from that has anything.

  6. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, good luck blade.
  7. How about ask when he gets off?
  8. Just send him a text saying "answer the phone or I'm gonna snitch on you"

    Then sit outside his house in your car making siren noises and drive away when he looks out the window
  9. my primary dealer would answer my calls whenever he felt like it. i guess he only pushed when he felt the need to, or he was too overwhelmed with contacts. he knew me fairly well. i bought about a half ounce from him in total, but the fucker would NEVER EVER answer his phone. eventually, he stopped selling all together
  10. "Go ahead. I'm taking you with me."
  11. Hahah all good suggestions
  12. This exactly why I grow my own. You think things are bad now? try getting a bag back in the mid 80's whe there was no such thing as "medical marijuana" and we were at the height of the "just say no" craze. I remember searching for days and sometimes over a WEEK to find a bag in the small town I grew up in, and I lived in the Pacific Northwest for godsake.
  13. My main guy works 6 days a week. I simply ask him his work schedule for the week and then call him sometime after that but not unreasonably early/late.

    Because of his weird ass schedule though, I've driven 15 miles out of the way at 9am on my day off just to pick up. He's so damn consistent though that I rather go to him than my backups.

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