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Dealer didnt reply can I text him again?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grenks112, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. I don't wanna come off as desperate or anything but last weekend I texted my dealer to pick up and he said ya, but when I asked him when to meet he didn't reply. His read recipients were on and he didn't read the last message.

    I really need some for the long weekend and the other guy I know is out of town. Is it cool if I text him again saying "hey man you good?"

  2. Ye mate just say did u get my last text? Something like that

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  3. Yeah I would say you good? Or you busy?

    Some dealers don't like texting about anything specific. Try calling
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    think of it this way: if the dealer actually gets offended by you asking him/her nicely for bud....then they are a shitty dealer and overall a shitty person...
    - if his read receipts were on and he didnt see your message that probably means his phone was/is off, dead, or not on him at the moment....typically not his fault
    - just ask him "yo think you could hook me up with some bud sometime soon?"
    - dont get mad, the dealer is a person too and has a life just like you. he/she is probably is doing other things more important at that time.
    - its almost impossible to find a reliable, loyal dealer. so don't be surprised if he doesnt get back to you in a couple days sometimes.
    - good luck, man. i hope you get your weed soon!
  5. I text one time and if I don't get a respond then I'll chill for a week or 2 to text again.

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  6. I would text him and say hey hows it going or whats up.  Dealers want to make money, why wouldn't he want yours.  I have had this happen to me a few times and I just move on to the next guy, he doesn't want my money, his loss, not mine.
    I never blow up there phones but 1 text per day is cool in my books, as long as the text is discrete like, not saying, you got bud? or you got green, just a simple hey would be cool.
  7. 1 call and 1 text, once a day.
    That should be the limit for everyone.
    Anything more seems needy. 
    Yes, he got your missed call and text.
    He/She will get around to it when they can.
    this, also why is it that dealers tend to be the most unreliable people? is it because they dont care, they are too stoned to realize they have an unread text message, or they are just unreliable in general. you would think because your making them money that they would make it a priority to get back to you or atleast let you know whats going on for example "oh no cant hook u up today have to be in a few days" but instead they just leave you wondering.
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    Quit being a pussy and just text him. If he gets pissed off at you for keeping on asking, then fuck it, there's probably another dealer around the corner selling better shit at a better price.
    There is always going to be someone different to call. You have to connect with more people so you can have different people to call.

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