dealer busted!!!! i am freaking out!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. ok so excuse if this doesnt make sense, as i just got word that my dealer got arrested with his fresh batch of weed!!!
    we were in a neighborhood waiting and he rolled up we bought but as we were leaving a bitch mom runs out of her house and starts shouting and we peel out!!!!! so we ditch and we dont know if were fucked right now but the lady got my dealers license plate and the pigs busted him at a local shopping center!!!FUCK WE DONT KNOW IF SHE GOT OUR PLATES PLEASE WISH ME AND MY FRIENDS GOOD LUCK

    we got the car in a garage immediatly but please wish my buddy luck especially that she didnt get plates NOOOOOO

  2. Doing 'business' outside in a residential area isn't a good idea... and before I end up pissing someone off for being a douchebag, I'll just make that my only comment. :rolleyes:
  3. business is all about location location location

    pick the right one and business will flourish

    pick the wrong one and your fucked.
  4. That sucks man, but i doubt they did get your plate, or you woulda known by now. You should consider less open areas when you do business. How much were you buyin?
  5. Man, that fucking sucks.

    2 hours ago I was in the middle of a parking lot for about 15 minutes waiting for some new shit, but I was only on a scooter...heh.

    Yeah it was fucking annoying. Good luck to you, I hope all goes well.
  6. ^^thanks bodom i trpping right now dude-everyone saying that,we know however he didnt want to travel too far from the neighborhood he was in,we live in suburbia so neighborhoods are great places to toke,but as we all knew,not deal but he is usually a very fast dealer so we just said fine

    R.I.P. this kid hes gonna be in for it he had just reupped and had a looot of bud on him, yes it was a bad choice but everyone makes mistakes :(
  7. I usually dont condone this sort of thing......but. I would fuck her house up. All Im sayin is windows are expensive;)
  8. That bitch needs to be slapped for snitching. And I wish the best of luck to your friends, u, and your dealer. Hope it all works out.

    EDIT: if u or a friend got a paint ball gun, then u guys should put it to good use and fuck up that cunt's house. If not, eggs always work.
  9. yep sucks a lot. id be more worried about if he would be the type of person to name people
  10. im betting she probably didnt get both plates

    if you guys peeled out as soon as you saw her she probably didnt get for your dealer though bigtime

  11. Too violent a response... and things should always be done without violence. Besides, the woman might just own the house she ran out of, maybe has children that go to school in the neighborhood, and possibly doesn't want to have to deal with a drug problem in the area. That does NOT constitute a 'cunt' in my book.
  12. hes not going to,hes not the type, and many of his closest friends told me he is an avid cop hater. his friends have sweared he will not give names
  13. then you found the type of dealer i would always buy from
  14. Paintball gun's paint is washable.

    Eggs....they can mess up the paint on cars. :p
  15. yeah well paintball guns will put dents in cars easy so :p

    also if its a really hot day put bologna on the roof of her car when she peels it off it will take the paint with it if its been there for over an hour
  16. drugs are only a "problem" because of bitches like her

    she should have minded her own business

    ADD: not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but pot is only a crime because the goverment makes it one
    now if they are slingin some crystal meth, that becomes a different issue, atleast imo

  17. You're right... she shouldn't expect to live in a crime free neighborhood. I'm wrong again... sorry... :cool:
  18. yeah windows are pretty expensive...mmmmmmm
  19. while i was angry earlier i have cooled off a bit as no calls have come yet so we think were fine, but i can see her viewpoint but as marijuana users our eyes are open to how much BS is being spread but someone fed ths d.a.r.e. and truth shit their entire life likely wont know thats its hardly anything to be worried about
  20. But selling pot in a suburban neighborhood shouldn't have to be tolerated by any homeowner. Just because we like our weed, it doesn't give us free reign to deal weed wherever the fuck we want. Don't get me wrong... I'm glad highinhouston is okay and not busted. That's not the beef I'm having. What I'm concerned with is the threat of violence against someone who, if my definition of suburbia serves me right, should have some protection against undesireable behavior in her own community... over something that shouldn't have occurred in the first place. :cool:

    And yeah, that was sarcasm above...

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