Dealer angry at me for not picking his girlfriend up..

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  1. My main connect for dank will no longer respond to my calls or texts because I didn't pick up his girl friend yesterday. Apparently she got off work and she works downtown, about 15 minutes from my house (really inconvenient) and I was supposed to drop her off at my dude's house about 15 minutes in the complete opposite direction. The fucked up thing is, I never even agreed to doing his little chore for him. He just texted me about it saying he'd give me an 8th of some dank for $40 and then I fell asleep in the midst of texting him back, I wasn't going to anyways. Fuck that, his girlfriend is bleh.. you know what I mean. Looks and personality wise.

    Now I cannot get this fucker to respond to me at all. I mean, I know the guy well and have been getting bud from him for about 2 years or so. It's real sad though, the kid is a complete fuck up. Still lives with his dad, has no car, has no cell phone so he uses his girlfriend's, isn't going to school because he owes the community college money, plays super nintendo and smokes weed all day. I mean, he's just a dude that has absolutely nothing going for him. Now I can't get good weed anymore, basically because I took a nap yesterday.

    moral of the story is - drug dealers suck, don't expect them to be reliable whatsoever.

    empathy is appreciated :eek:
  2. sucks man,

    reminds me of when my dealer freaked at me and kicked me outta his house, cuz i asked to see the scales when the weed was wet and looked like fuck all

    dealers suck, cant wait till i can grow
  3. how can you text a dude with no cell phone?
  4. oh never mind im high as shit lol
  5. looks like the dude has a lot going for him if he can get the dankety dank and I wish I could afford a super nintendo.
  6. How does he even have a girlfriend?

    Find a new dealer is the only thing you can do.
  7. That really sucks man. Hopefully he will get over it or something. He's obviously got some sort of issues and is taking it out on you. Try talking it out with him or just wait a while. Good luck
  8. fixed :p
  9. wait 40$ for an eighth of dank? even after you picked her up and dropped her off?

    thats waxin hard
  10. Dealers dont suck, they risk thier selfs so we can smoke the herb we want and love.

    maybe YOUR dealer sucks huh buddy?

    i have a good dealer, he is more os a friend than dealer. We always chill and smoke together, play disc golf n shit. He is chill as fuk.
  11. now if he said he would give you free dank for his gf to get a ride then its more understandable, just get a new dealer.
  12. anytime you can do your dealer a favor, you should do it..within reason of course. back when my dude had no car i went out of my way to help him out a few times and it has paid off

  13. lol.. No....

    It's all bout the money, they don't give a fuck about you
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    that depends, bro. every person who deals is not scum.

    think about it, ops dealer has no car, nothing going for him except his girlfriend probably, and it probably pissed him off that dude fell asleep.

    the relationship can probably be saved, just keep calling him. why should he pick up his (girlfriends) phone at the drop of a hat when you were so unwilling to help him?
  15. fuck that shit...I'd have told his ass straight up does she got gas money? No...well you better find her a ride. Then again I've lived here my whole life and my phone is basically full of people I can call for whatever but only gots one dealer damn sucks. The trick to dealing with dealers is make them work for you not the other way around. You got a dealer taking all day call someone else...bag not looking right? call someone else. Make sure he knows you got a lot of options so he better do you right and not try to play you if he wants your money.

    My dealer basically compete for my money try their best to hook me up better than the next guy, because they know that not only do I come to spend, but I'll bring people to them that provide them a nice payday as well. I'm what you'd call a preferred costumer.
  16. i'm with you on that one. they're not some sort of martyr dedicating their lives so you can smoke weed, they just want to make some fast easy money.
  17. Guess it depends on how close you are to your dealer. I would have no problem drivin' around for a bit to help out my connect in need...he's always been there at some inconvenient hours for my ass. :bongin:
  18. If his gf was hot, you totally should've picked her up... and played poopoo finger with her. Really though, have one of your friends buy off him. Just make sure they don't pinch that shit!
  19. Unless they're your friend.

    My buddy will give me $5-10 discounts on bags because I've been picking up from him. He's not the only connect I go to and he understands, but still hooks me up when needed.
  20. what an ass, honestly i dont buy from "dealers" anymore, i get weed from my friends who flip and their friends who flip, i never go to a stranger for weed

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