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Deal with me for a sec.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Feelin'Stoopid, May 31, 2009.

  1. cause you all love me of course. So i have a dreaded DT question. YES YES YES! ANOTHER one of those DT questions. Don't tell me to "surf" the forums and blah blah blah, cause I've done that for endless hours and to the utmost already... I just want some friendly input, that's all. So if you would please bare with me, I would really appreciate it cause this is my first DT...

    It's on Wednesday at 10:30 am.

    I'm 19 1/2 (not that the half matters)

    Weigh about 175 lbs. ish

    Height of 6' 2".

    Smoking habits: Have been vaping usually once a day, some times more (but rarely) for the past 5 months or so. 2 weeks ago I quite for a week cause I thought I had a test, turns out i didn't... awesome. Started smoking again (daily with the vap) for about... ummm... maybe 4 days ish? and came to find out I DO actually have one this coming Wednesday. I stopped smoking last Wednesday night...

    Have been drinking water profusley and taking 1 to 2 green tea diet pills a day since then, just for kicks. Haven't exercised but most likely will later today and over the next few days until the test just for good measure. I also bought a "32 oz. Strip NC" today jsut to be extra safe in case I thought i might need it (will prolly use it anyway just to be safe). So... my question is, obviously, what do ya'll think my likelihood of passing is??? And if you plan on posting in here jsut to be a dick about my question, don't waste your time cause I'm just gonna ignore you in the end anyway. I know there are SOME nice people out there who care enough to help others and offer input. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH WITH LL MY HEART to those that do so. :D

    Hope to hear back from all you fellow GC members.

    Deuces ya'll.
  2. There really is no way to give you anything near a definitive answer... Guidelines are all you can get. Every body is different.
  3. drink about 2 gallons of cranberry juice and your should be good
  4. is it a piss or a hair test
  5. just keep doing it and exercise lots and hope for the best.

    youll be fine. good luck!
  6. Surf the forums and blah blah blah.
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    sorry to tell you bud, but your mostly likely gonna fail. The fact is that you have smoked daily for 5 months. Each time you smoke you add (roughly) 100ng thc to your urine. This maxes out at about 1000 since your fat can only hold so much. Then each day you don't smoke your body flushes out 10% of what is there (the method of flushing with pills in the dt sticky flushes out about 20% 1000-800- 620). So 1000-900-810-etc. A normal dt will pass at a level below 50ng, some 20ng, which mean about 1-2 months of not smoking. So your best bet is to buy some fake urine online, then find a container that is small (visine bottle maybe) and wear boxer briefs/anything tigh. Then simply hide the small bottle in there, and open it, and pee in the cup. Unless of course its a salivia, blood, or hair test, then there is NO way to pass that. Sorry to bring you the bad news

    Edit: you should buy some home dt's from CVS or Walgreens and try to see if that detox/flush drink actually works. Most of them dont and some turn your pee green.
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank to all of those who have answered thus far. And i realize there can't be a definitive answer, i jut thought I'd ask anyway ya know? and for those wondering, i believe it's a piss test but not sure. It's for a job at a hospital so I'm assuming the test will be fairly vigorous.
  9. lol FML right? it's all good, I still appreciated it man. I guess I'll just jack a friends piss haha. I mean it's fail safe, assuming they don't search which I highly doubt anyway.
  10. Just go play basketball or run for a few hours. The key to detoxing is getting rid of as much fat as possible since THC is stored in fat cells. Maybe try to get in a sauna if you can too.
  11. And assuming they don't check the temperature of the piss.
  12. Get a friend to piss into a rubber before the test and then tape it to your leg close to your balls as possible for the temperature
  13. Buy an in-home drug test from a local grocery or drug store. In order to replicate the advanced drug test you will probably get at the hospital, I would recommend purchasing the most expensive test available. That should be a clear indication of how you are going to do on the real test. Good luck man! :D
  14. Get LOTS of excercise. As in run a mile in the morning and a mile at night every day till wednesday. The more fat ou get rid of the better.
  15. Synthtic urine. $40 at certain headshops. It won't be supervised.
  16. ask your trusty friend that doesnt smoke to buy some piss off of him (you know the nerdy one who says "your addicted to weed" and you play halo with... you know who im talking about lol). or get that synthetic urine shit. Works 100% everytime. put that shit in a condom. put the condom in warm water for a bit. strap the condom to your leg. empty the rubber into the cup. TADA you have passed! but ya if worse comes to worse just keep chuggin water and pissin. make sure to piss around 3 to 4 times before the test that day. When you do piss. Piss the beginning of your pee in the toilet, the middle in the cup, and the end back into the toilet. This is because the least THC is in the middle of your pee. Usually 30% less then the beginning and end.
    Detox drinks dont really work. All they do is delute your piss as water and cranberry juice does. Uhm I know a recipe to a detox meal that your supposed to eat about 2 days before the test and it seems to help ALOT. Here it is.

    Put some outmeal in a bowl just a regular serving it doesnt matter.
    Leave the outmeal out on the counter or anywhere that is room temp. Dont cover it.
    After a day of your outmeal sitting out put about 4 table spoons of some plain yogurt ontop of that (make sure it has fat in it and isnt that 98% non fat free shit).
    put 2 table spoons of cinamin ontop of that.
    Then put apple sauce ontop of that and eat.
    This shit is gross as hell but can be a life saver some times and is cheap as fuck.

  17. eww wtf i would never make something that looks like a hard dick thats filled with my friennds piss and then continue to tape it down my leg gross shit
  18. Some synthetic urine kits come in a bladder that has iv tubing going down for maybe 9 inches. The bladder is attached to a stretchy material that you wrap around your waist. They come with heat pads that you put on the bladder and they have temperature strips on them. They take about 40 minutes to heat up.
  19. lol thanks to all guys. i just had a friend come over and generously donate some piss haha... did the whole condom thing. so wish me luck!!!
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    hell ya man congrats and good luck bring a needle to poke a few holes in the condom. also just make sure its warm, maybe put it in a sock full of hand warmers if neccessary. thats all i can say good luck bro.

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