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  1. so last night, me and one of my homeys were fiendin for some weed, so we hit up this guy that lives right around the block.
    we go outside his apartments, he comes out, we only wanted a dime, so we get the dime, roll a blunt, smoke...didnt feel it that much, so were like wtf? this shits hella wack ... we buy another dime, and as were breaking it was barely any we hit up the guy, were like aye bro this shit barely rolled a nice half blunt...would it be koo if we could come back and u could throw in a nug or something? well show u what u gave us...
    we get there...and he comes outside...and he looks at it..and he says..cmon now mayne i got my shit scaled out, thats a 0.7, why u guys comin ova here tryna play me nd shit...
    he started talking shit and then pulled up his shirt and said if we keep talking back hes got something for us.
    he has a gun, so me and my friend were just like, aright then its all good forget it..start walkin back..then outa no where...BOOM...friend gets dipped to the floor and hits his head on the curb.
    the dealer fell with him to the floor cuz it was kinda like a tackle, so i kneed him in the chin, and gavem an uppercut to the nose. i must of snapped his nose or something because he got layed out with eyes shut. so then...were like...aye fuck it..i stuff my hands in his pocket, grab about 21 grams of fire, take his cash, he had a fat stack of 20's, called up my friend, walked around the corner, and bounced. my friend got up and just had a big ass bruise near his forehead..he was ok tho.
    we dont live in this guys area, we live about 15 miles away and he doesnt even know what city we live its all good.

    lol good times
  2. Better hope you don't randomly see him somewhere, that and with your robbing him (not a cool move) he might actively try to find out who you are and it'll come back to bite you in the ass (you don't live that far away).
  3. haha, i cant stand shitty dealers. he got what he deserved.

    but really, wtf was he thinking trying to take on two dudes?
  4. The thug life... what a wonderful way to live :rolleyes:
  5. And now you get to watch over your back as a drug dealer with a gun is looking for you.

  6. He was out like that? Damn. Well, fuck a skimp, right?
  7. I woulda took his bud too man, thats his fault for trying to take to buck.

    what happened to the gun?
  8. im not trying to sound all hard or anything guys, but if he was to try and get me back, that would be the dumbest decision of his life. and someone said it was a dumb move to jack his bud, i dont really give a fuck, hes a dumb ass for trying and rip me off, and hes a dumb ass for tackling my fuck not a sucka to just walk away after someone just dipped my homey, almost got ripped off, and almost had a gun pulled out on me...fuck that....

    and the gun..we didnt touch it..we left it with him
  9. I probably would've grabbed his peice and thrown it somewhere or somethin'. Def. not leave it on him. But hey, thats just me.
  10. Well, I don't really know what you mean by "dip" so I assume he tackled your dude from behind? Why the fuck would he do that? I think it was smart of you to lay his ass out, but I dunno about stealing his shit. Isn't this right out in the open? Surely someone may have seen you. If it was me, I would've taken the gun before anything else.

    Act tough if you want, you're still human, and bullets will pierce you.
  11. Yea, fuck lettin him keep his guns of all things......

    Buy hey, you came up on bud, money, and some other shit right?? plus you fucked him up for being a stupid skimp ass dealer.....then he tackled your homie......fuck him.

    Just be careful man, people will travel to fuck someone up, and 15 miles aint that far, ive biked 13 just to chill with some careful bro
  12. Oh well...
  13. I didn't say it was a dumb move, my problem is just that you're perpetuating the negative stereotypes of marijuana users.

    As far as the gun, I wouldn't touch it just for the fact that I wouldn't want my fingerprints on it.
  14. along with takin his bud i would have takin his heat and waiting till he woke up and said nukka whats good now? poppin shit off like he was somethin
  15. people who live like that don't really last that long. try to keep down a bit
  16. I knew one dealer with a gun. Well actually I know a few but I only know one who's shown it to me. We'd bought a 35-sack from him and we said he could smoke with us (he always gets us good deals), then when we're walking in the house he pulls out his gun and says "hands up" and we're all just jokingly putting our hands up because we think it's an airsoft gun and then he says "no seriously, this thing's real". He was just joking, not gonna shoot us or anything, but still kind of sketchy.
  17. he definitley deserved it
    you guys wanted to end it peacefully but he still wanted to jump you so hes the idiot and a shitty dealer
    just be careful dude hes gunna try to find you
  18. did you take his burner too?

    you should have. Cuz I'm pretty sure that motherfucker is gonna merc y'all.
  19. Definitely not cool. First two rules of gun safety are to treat all guns as if they are always loaded and never point a gun at anything you don't intend to shoot. I would never jokingly point a gun at anyone even if I knew it wasn't loaded. A gun is not something to be played around with.

    I just got back from an overnight stay with some friends in a mountain cabin and we had like 10 guns between the four of us. It was fun as hell skeet shooting and just blasting away in the woods but we were all extremely careful with our guns.
  20. That guy must of been on PCP or some shit to try to take on 2 guys ? or just a dumb-ass. Just watch your back though, dont wanna go somewhere and get out numbered by his boys cause that could end up bad. I look at it this way. He fucked you guys over shortin you weed, therefore you returned the favor and fucked him over . That his damn fault for tryin to mess with yall. What race was this guy? IF he was black or something and you 2 are white he might of thought yor ppunks or something.

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