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Deal gone wrong lmao

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potsmoker2, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. So pissed right now.. went to go pick up a dime from one of my local connects (5 min drive, snowing out, icy roads) so i get there and slide up to his door, get the goods, and as I was stumbling through the 5 feet of snow in his driveway I must have dropped the bag out of my coat pocket. Didn't notice till i got home. (and yes I was extremely baked while making this pickup so that might explain it)
  2. Wait so did you drive back to get the weed then go back to your house, smoke it, and then post?
  3. Nah.. not gonna search through 50 mounds of snow in someones driveway (very sketchy house) for a dime bag.. I already contacted my main guy and ordered a quarter 0 of some mids so I'll be good till tonight.

  4. I was high off my last batch ,went to pick up another batch, dropped it in the snow, not going back to get it. Too lazy and that bag could be anywhere from his doorstep 20 feet to my car all in 5 feet of snow. I fucked up so I'll just take it as a loss.
  5. Okay so... what's the problem? Just wanted to tell us a cool story?

  6. No problem. Just felt like contributing to the 100 other meaningless threads on this board. :smoke:
  7. Losing a dime is nothing, i just lost a pre-paid debit card in snow while drunk, containing over $3,400 recently transferred on the card....i had to deal with customer service in the deep jungle of vietnam, took about 30 phone calls and 5 hours, and wait 2 weeks for a new card to arrive *hopefully with your money* til you have money for weed.
  8. Looks like your dealer got himself some free weed and money.

  9. Not really. the exchange was made. i doubt he'll ever find that dime it'll probably be in a lake somewhere by the time all that snow melts.
  10. Or it'll be on his driveway and the snow will preserve the buds :D
  11. Yeah I feel like your guy is gonna walk out his door and be like oh cool a dime.

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