Deadhead OG, Tahoe OG, Headband & Critcal +

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  1. Hey Blades & Bledettes-

    This is my 9th grow and here are the details:

    Medium: Promix BX + Earthworm Castings
    Pots: Veg in 1 Gal and Flower in 4 Gal
    Strains: Deahead OG, Tahoe OG, Headband & Critcal +
    Light: Flouros for Veg and 2x 1000 Watt HPS for Flower
    -- Veg gets Roots Excelerator (H&G), Big Bloom (FF), Orca and a little bit of Grow Big (FF).
    -- Flowering gets full line of House & Garden Soil minus the Amino Treatment and Foliar Feed. Also gets Orca for first 3 weeks and then once in week 6.
    **No CO2 added but there is fresh air coming into and being pushed out of the room 24/7 via a 6" max fan.

    In the pic: these are fresh out of the cloner (potted yesterday). The 8 around the outside are going to be trained for flowering while the plants in the middle row will all be new mothers.

    I'll try to update this about once a week. Can't wait to see how the Tahoe comes out. The Deadhead, Headband and C+ are all proven and outstanding. Hopefully the Tahoe will prove to be another keeper.

    Thanks for lookin- :smoking:

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  2. Looks nice, Headband is an amazing strain, both in yeild and quality, and one of my personal favourites. Take care of her and she'll take care of you :smoke:
  3. Here they are in day 10 of veg. They were lopped off at the tops 2 days ago and cleaned up on the bottom. All have responded well.

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  4. Just Transplanted from 1 to 4 Gal pots. These will be ready for flower in about 6-7 days or when the pots are fully dried out. Targeting a total of 2.5 weeks in veg. 1.5 in 1 gals and the other week in the 4 gal.

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  5. Looking good! I'm going to be ordering seeds soon and need a new strain, I am so perplexed as to getting Critical from Dinamen (spelling) WW Blue from them but lately I been hearing such good things about headband. My main producer an one of my favorites now is Kushage, maybe not the best yielder but the smoke is one of my favorites. My Master Kush is such an easy plant to grow along with the Kushage but thinking maybe a more dominant sativa strain? Which leads me to go and look at the new strain of Alcapolca Gold they have out, can't remember which breeder?

    I usually go from one gallon to 5 gallon pot using a wick system, the 5 gallon black nursery pot fits into a 5 gallon paint type of pail so perfectly! Leaves room for a gallon resevoir on bottom and use Coir or my new attempts at organics an water only.

    Your plants are looking good, so I got me a chair an a brand new bowl with a frig full of drinks so here do ya!
  6. Thanks crazy! If you pop 6 beans of headband I'm sure you will find a worthy keeper. I popped 4 and 1 sucked, 2 were OK and the other is amazing in yield and smoke. It grows well but starts slow. Takes a little longer to root than other things and grows slowly in the first couple weeks of veg. Once in flower it explodes from week 1 on and really packs it on the final 2 weeks.

    The C+ grows like a beast from the outset and finishes really early. My pheno can be pulled at around 50 days.

    Glad your here for the show!!!
  7. What's the breeder for your Headband? Looking good, by the way!

  8. Thanks Bud, Headband by Reserva Privada (the only way to go IMO)
  9. I wanna see wassup with the boy out in KY treats that shit like its gold :D
  10. Me far so good with it. Never seen this pheno grown out to full maturity.
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    First feeding of flower (day 3). Staked and trained. Four biggest branches got tied to each corner stake...these girls are fully primed. :smoke: The second pic is Head Band, 3rd and 4th are Tahoe.

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  12. We are now in only day 8 of flower and they are growing very well. Fed them about 6 days ago and will feed again tomorrow. I let the pots dry out quite a bit after the first watering to stimulate root growth and expansion.

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  13. Lookin good bro, you should even out that canopy a bit with some tie downs/HST, some HST would be good for your plants during Flowering anyways, if they've got a good 6+ weeks anyways, just pinch the stem (don't worry it won't break) and twist it around. It seems like you're hurting your plant but it's alright, they heal and the wound allows more nutrients to travel up through the stem.
  14. Thanks Maryed, these have been split up now w/ 4 plants under each 1000W. I have been training my plants for years so these are no different. HST...I think you mean LST? (L.ow S.tress T.raining). Not sure about the wounds from super cropping (pinching) allowing more nutrients to travel up the stems, you might wanna check your facts on that one. I'll post some pics in a couple days but the canopy is looking mighty fine. :smoke:
  15. High Stress Training, like supercropping. It's debated about why supercropping works so well but its definitely sure to please in results. You'll definitely see a thickening of stem at the wound area, and if at the nodes it promotes nutrient travel.
  16. Yup, the stem does thicken at the point of pinch. I just wonder about super cropping stimulating nutrient uptake. I'm suspect on that one :D
  17. I only worry about supercropping causing unwanted stress therefore giving a greater chance to hermie:hello::poke:
  18. Split up the plants onto 2 trays a few days ago, 4 under each 1000W. Day 17 of flower. It's not letting me upload pics!!!!
  19. Since I can't get GC to upload my pics, I'll put them in the post... These were all taken on Day 16 of bloom.

    First 2 of are the plants now separated on their own trays w/ 4 plants under each 1000W

    This one is a closeup of the Headband showing the initial training and tie downs.

    This is a stand alone of 1 of the Tahoe OG's. As you can see it has reacted very well to the LST and there are a TON of bud sights coming in. This might be a keeper!

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