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  1. Anyone else stoked for this? It's supposed to come out in December '10. For those who played the first Dead Space, you get to play as Isaac again in Dead Space 2, but this time, you aren't in a huge space ship, but a huge open ended city. It's supposed to be really open ended and there are supposed to be other survivors you can find and work together with.
  2. that sounds a-ok in my book. the first game was nuts. i love survival horror games, and this one was up there with one of my all time favorites, along with the resident evil series. i actually jumped a few times in this game, like one part where u walk into a room covered with dead bodies. one of them popped up out of nowhere and DWAMMM i almost shit my pants.
  3. I take it a lot of people complained about the linearness of the game huh? I think more open-endedness (yeah I did make that up) is a good thing but they should be careful otherwise they could lose that survival-element that was sooo good in the first. Sequels are always tough.
  4. Yeah, I feel you on that. I have my fingers crossed though: I read an interview with Visceral's development team, and the interviewer was basically begging the developers to make it as eerie and atmospheric as the first one in which they reassured them they will.

    Still though, I think they could lose the multiplayer in the sequel and leave Isaac voiceless (they are going to give him a voice). The sense of being alone on a spaceship from hell with a voiceless, strongman engineer made the original all that much scarier.

    What do you guys think of the movie that is in the works? There is no IMDB account yet for it, but I know it was announced a couple months ago.
  5. Yeah I think that was my favorite part about the game was that he was just a regular guy, an engineer, he was no soldier or cop. I agree on the multiplayer that is kind of a stupid idea, games like that should only have co-op mode and badass story lines, unless they made it like re5 style where you can have staged challenges that would be suhweet.

    It really just lies in the atmosphere they create, I'll never forget when I first played that game...lights off surround sound up, it took me like two hours just to beat the first level, I would get creeped out of pretty much every single corner I walked around. Don't know what I was so scared of though it was only game not like I'd die for good.
  6. They should do Dead Space 2 on Natal.
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    so you can look like this awesome family, I'm very skeptical of the whole Natal thing, could be really cool, but we'll see.
    [ame=]YouTube - E3 2009: Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement[/ame]

    EDIT: Speaking of Natal...I just watched this, it's so's so natural like if Milo was another person that you speak to. Lionhead man, crazy studio. Plus that girl is kind of cute.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Project Natal: Meet Milo[/ame]
  8. i hate to brake the bad news natalman =/

    but i suggest picking up a ps3.

    analysts have already stated that the ps3 motion control will most likely cater to those type of games on the acount that it has a stick for movement.

    thats the downside of can only walk so far before you hit youre tv or wall....

    but good stuff about DS2 :)
  9. ohh....and the milo video is a fake.
    lionhead anounced it after some people did the video frame by frame and found the sytem acting before the person
  10. The Natal project seems really overrated. Most gamers are perfectly satisfied with controlling everything via hand controller. Not only that, but motion activated controlling has a number of mountains that are going to be very difficult to overcome (look at how first person shooters run on Wii).
  11. exactly.thats why i dont play my wii much.i do enjoy it.but when i get home tired from work or spark a bowl i dont wanna get up and dance around-_-
  12. Gimmicks aren't going to save console gaming.

    I don't think I'm buying a console next gaming generation, think I'll just save my cash and upgrade my PC. :)
  13. I'm a PC man myself. I think the next big thing should be MIND controlled games.

    Or something that'll let us use our imagination.
  14. Something about this game throws me off. The first one was awesome but this one just doesnt seem right. I dont feel that putting the game in a city is really a good idea.
  15. Yeah, I think it will be a major hit or miss. Putting it in a city seems really intriguing because it will give you a chance to be confronted in different ways: I'm sure there will scenarios where you have to run your ass away opposed to just blasting everybody like in the first game. Also, you will be right in the middle of the city right when the infection hits, so that will probably serve as a cool exposition scene. Fingers crossed.
  16. I absolutely loved the first one, but what I've heard about the sequel worries me a little bit. Multiplayer is unnecessary and the talk about the big open spaces leaves me skeptical, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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