dead seeds?

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  1. Hello, GC... Don't post much, but I read a ton and most of my questions are answered. And I think I know the answer to this too, but its one I'm hoping someone can prove me wrong.

    I grew for about 5 consistent years both indoor and outdoor (by no means and expert). Always doing cloning, I didn't use seeds much. The seeds I have are from a grower in .... the strain is Super Silver Haze, and every seed he gave me had turned out female, another strain is called Swazi Skunk (purchased online and mostly males), and I have some bag seed. I got all these around 2002/2003.

    ....Anyways, I've been trying to germinate these for the past couple weeks and I cant get even one of them to open!! They have been stored in small zip bags and in a box. The only reason I can think of as to why they aren't working is because they were in a storage unit/garage for whole winter and summer with out AC. Could this be the reason they may be "dead"??:confused:

    I have 3 cubes with seeds under a drip system, and its been about 2 1/2 weeks. So I put all the others I have into creamer sized cups of RO water and for those its been 4 days.

    Should I keep them in the cups of RO water? and for how long should I give them? is there anything I can add to help?

  2. first, the problem is almost certainly a result of the storage environment (ie extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold in the winter)

    ideally, you would keep viable seeds in a mildly refrigerated atmosphere, in the dark, and free of moisture. In this way, they should last almost indefinately....a few years wont be a problem.

    since the damage has already been done, the only thing I would try is the extended soak. Viable seeds will germinate in a cup of water if left long enough, but the trick is to exchange / replace the water every 24-48 hours.

    If you have it, or can get it, I would put a drop of superthrive into the first cup of water, but not in the subsequent soaks. hopefully after a few days of soaking, some of the seeds will attempt to germinate, and the seed hull cracks open
  3. Thanks Amoril, you gave a bit more hope. Luckily I have an RO unit, thats why I'm going with hydro this round, but I can't even get the damn seeds to go... guess I'm back to amateur status... :confused_2:

    I'll try changing the water ever other day, and finding some superthrive. Hope the SSHaze works out, people who didnt know I grew it said it was some of the best they had and I didn't even do half as good as the original grower.

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