dead people cant use smart phones

Discussion in 'General' started by Boson-H, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. their fingers wont work on the screen. one thing i've learned tonight.
  2. Thanks for sharing.
  3. nuh uh. you lying
  4. Wanna tell this story?

    Because I definitely wanna hear it
  5. I'm guessing car crash at the hands of texting
  6. makes sense. the screens can sense the electrical pulse in your body. dead people wouldn't have that
  7. what if you move the finger for him/her?
  8. I love the way everyone on GC just accepts fucked up shit like this and just goes along with the conversation as if it's fucking normal :laughing:
  9. Touch screens are heat sensitive. Dead people are cold. Moving their fingers for them wouldn't work. They cold use a stylus though. I don't know why a dead person would need to use any phone..
  10. i thought it was something to do with the electricity that naturally flows through us?

    like i got some gloves for christmas made so you can still use a touchscreen while wearing them. theyre terrible gloves, very thin and no grip at all so you wouldnt even be able to turn a door knob.. plus they look like the gloves Dexter uses when killing people.
  11. Well that's why you stick their finger in your mouth for a bit and then let them use it.

    either way dead people are stuck writing messages in blood and on steamy mirrors
  13. well, i suppose if theyre freshly dead it might work, but if theyve been dead for awhile prolly not! this guy was NOT fresh
  14. OP, its story time....
  15. Nobody uses that heat shit anymore. Maybe some chinese knockoff, MAYBE, that's even doubtful.

    Pretty much if not all screens now are capacitive. So no luck for them.

    They could however play with a Wii U. That pos uses a RESISTIVE screen :laughing: Did Nintendo forget it's 2012?
  16. ya OP spill the beans who died
  17. Yeah I fixed my statement with a link lol
  18. Did you know your can use your dick on your touch screen? :ey:
  19. I'm never using a guys phone again

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