Dead Patches!! Please help is this Nute Burn? root rot?

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    Hello, I Have a couple Bubble Gums, and a Mango in there 2nd week of flower, in Roots Organic 707, Using age Old Organics Line, R/O. I PH Every thing, Temps are good.
    I did a heavy feed 2 waterings ago, before the new year.
    At first it was just a couple of leaves, and now it seems to be affecting random spots on the plants. Any Suggestions or information would be great.


  2. I was thinking of a Flush? anyone agree? What should I do here?
  3. Pics would thinking it needs some calmag
  4. Can you not see the pic?
  5. Couldnt with the app but can now..not sure though looks like burn but i think p or k deficiency does that..maybe excess n causing lockout? hopefully someone else will have more info for ya
  6. What kind of ph u using it can kill off your microherd.
  7. Sure looks like light burn
  8. Im using a 600 HPS, cooled with a 6in Active air, temps are 70's with at least 6 in from the hood, cold to the touch
  9. Looks like a magnesium deficiency, I have an old post called " Yellow tips " a gc member posted a list there of what the different deficiencies look like, go to my profile and check it out hope it helps.
  10. I Ph'd the runoff, it was low. think Im Locking out a bit, i got some lime, and Have done a flush, I only did 5 gal for each, there in 5 gal smart pots, all organic so i bet it will flush out fine with 5 gallons each.

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