Dead leaves with little spots

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ToKKin, Oct 12, 2022.

  1. I’m 99% sure this damage is from insects but I don’t see any lingering around.. especially for this much damage. It’s on all of the branches in a horizontal line across both rows.

    577C816E-6671-42EC-9ECE-3A060AAEBFC6.jpeg 769F63CD-FFC5-4727-94F0-F81F4A86A775.jpeg F45E0BA2-4C22-4804-A231-D952FC71110B.jpeg A6479F37-585D-4B26-B105-232A56BB6080.jpeg
  2. you def got some bug damage , but not what you are talking about, seems you have gave them a bit too much of something maybe new? the brown spots are ph issues ,you have locked 1 of the 3 macro nutrients , just my guess, real bad time for it too, hope you sort it out
    what did you give them about 3 days ago
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  3. Hmm. Well I haven’t personally watered them in a long time so that’s probably the issue. We had non stop rain every waking second from night of sept 29 until the morning of oct 7 and then we just had 4 sunny days so I’ve been letting the plants soak up what’s in the fully saturated pots
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  4. Looks a little like Septoria.

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