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  1. Okay, the title isn’t my question. I wanted to know if you should trim off the dead leaves in late flower? I’m pretty sure I overdefoliated one of my plants and it has a lot of dead or dying leaves. I would normally when growing anything trim off dead leaves but there’s not a lot of leaves left. Tbh, this is a bit of a problem plant and I don’t want to make it worse.

    It’s a GG auto and day 68. Been flowering for about 40 days. It also I think looks like there’s a couple of weeks left and there will be more dead or dying leaves then. Should I just leave them or is there a chance of getting mold from having dead leaves? Thank you for any advice.
  2. Plants can vary wildly as they finish flowering. Some will stay green with not a lost fan while the plant right next to it in the same soil and the same treatment is nearly naked with no fans and just sticks and buds.
    Pull the dead out and the yellows that pull off easy can go too.

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  3. That makes sense. I have another plant that is in about the same harvest time that has some dead leaves but still have a lot of leaves compared to that one.
  4. Here’s a couple of pics to show all the dead or dying leaves. In not sure if the leaves turning purple is the leaf dying or just turning really cool colors. In any case it’s pretty colorful! I tried supercropping this plant and broke the branch. It didn’t seem to have any negative effects tho. think it looks kind of close to harvest, maybe a week of two. Does that sound right? My other two plants don’t have any purple.

    AEAD4C89-858E-4423-BD75-91D4813060FF.jpeg A910602D-B8FE-4177-A8A8-12A6227FF954.jpeg
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  5. Some plants show a bit off purple naturally and many more will go purple when temps drop. Either can apply.
    As for harvesting I tend to run 10 weeks actual. Keep in mind it's outside and photoperiods.

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  6. Is that ten weeks of flowering? I’ve only grown autos. My first grow was outside and all four of my plants finished at different times ranging between 56-85 days from seed. Two were chopped too early and one too late. I think now after all I’ve learned here that I’ll be able to tell when my plants are ready. I have one that looks like it has another month. 100 day auto! Im not even going to pay much attention to trichomes when there’s still any white pistils sticking out. That’s a trap for noobs is seeing amber trichomes and thinking it’s ready when there’s a lot of white pistils sticking out and all the leaves are green.
  7. when your fans are pure yellow they consume more energy than they can produce for the plant when they are real bad they usually fall off with a little shake or slightest touch to the stem leave the fall colours and enjoy the rest of show very nice plants beautiful colours :)
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  8. Yes that is 10 weeks in flower. 10 weeks in veg as well. 3 weeks to get rooted clones, 7 weeks in veg gives me a 3 to 4 foot tall plant. Set outside they flower immediately.
    Southern California here and our mild year round weather lets me use the outside as my flower space all year long.

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  9. I’ve never heard that they use energy. So you think it’s okay to trim the ones that don’t fall off or come off easily even though that would leave them without a lot of leaves? I like the purple color, but yellow leaves that are dying off not so much. I have some dying leaves on one of my other plants so I’ll trim those too. I’m excited that they’re getting so close! Breeder timeline is about 85 days from seed, which puts them at another two weeks’ish.
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  10. Do you typically just take dead or dying leaves off if you can easily pull off or cut them off? I tried just gently pulling on leaves and they didn’t come off. I could yank them out but that doesn’t seem like a good idea. My hibiscus plants get yellow leaves here and there and I just wait until they come off when I barely pull them. Everything else I grow I cut any dead or dying leaves off. Is there a downside of just leaving them?
  11. Most strains the very yellow leafs pull off easy. Others are tougher and can leave a thread tail hooked to the stem. Those I will let stay until they go brown and come off easy.

  12. Thank you! I will let them stay. :)

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