Dead Island

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Jed Mosely, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Wow. This game is INSANE when I'm high lol. Just got it free bc of gold live and I love it haha. I mean tbh, it's an okay game but when I vape or gb then play I get in the fucking zone. Only problem is when I'm high I get really damn lazy even in games, so the whole durability of weapons is annoying as hell.
    Anyone else feel me on this game?
  2. Hell yeah man I know what you mean it actually looks amazing when your high,but yeah like you said its a okay game.I hope Dying light will be better also about the durability their's a skill you need upgrade for that problem.
  3. The lack of decent facial emotions is amusing, everyone's always staring with those bug eyes. I actually just finished the storyline last night, and I'm going through a second playthrough
  4. I think I love you OP....
  5. Yeah Dead Island could of been so much better
  6. Awesome 1st person melee system, badass when stoned cartoon graphics, more than enough zombie chopping gore

    Not enough facaicl expressions, wouldn't play

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  7. Sick game when your stoned try analog fight controls makes it even better lol.

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  8. :) yee homie

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