Dead fly in my bong!

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  1. Second bowl into my session, i decided to change my water (not sure why... :smoking:) It's a nice glass art piece so it's pretty opaque, i went to empty it into my sink and holy bejeebyees there was a dead fly in their :eek: Man, i was so grossed it i decided it was worthy of a thread.. :confused:

  2. inhaled the vapes of a fly carcus?

    Man, that is so gross, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  3. i would have smoked it?

    shit or at least let it float round till it got good and resined up....then smoke it?

    "excuse me waiter......there is a fly in my soup";):smoking:

  4. I feel sooooooo sick right now. :mad::mad::mad::cool::confused::(
  5. LOL its not that bad, its not gonna do anything to you
  6. flies puke on everything they land on


  7. Dude, a dead, maybe rotting, probably infected, shit covered fly. It's my mental health i'm worried about!
  8. A fly in the water? Whats so horrible about that?

    Dont let flies in your water if u dont like it!

  9. Haha I know I don't get it.. if it landed in the water of your bong it's not like you were smoking it.

    Now if it landed in your bowl and died from you lighting your weed and realized you smoked some fly that'd be disgusting but shoot, just change the water mang.
  10. ^^Exactly.

    thread closed for lack of entertainment
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