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Dead disposable vape question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lanative81, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Hey all, got a question.

    I had a disposable pen that the battery died. I opened it up and there was about 1/3 of oil left in it. My question is what to do with it that doesn't involve a I don't have one. I thought about just mixing with with some ice cream and eating it....but it was 500mg @ 83% THC new. At 1/3.....I'd be WAY to gone for my liking. It's this sticky oil that thins when warmed. Just asking you all what might be a better way....trying to divide it into smaller doses is hard with the stickiness. Thoughts/Suggestions?
  2. You need to decarb it first before eating it I think.. I'm not sure though I don't have experience with oil :confused_2:
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  3. you could drip it onto a bowl pack, drip it into a joint/blunt, or make some potent cannabutter although idk how to decarb oil. search that up
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  4. Yes, I did need to de-carb it, thank you all for that information!! Eaten edibles but never went through the process of making them. Did not know about the THCa to THC step that was needed(de-carb). Extracted it out and put it in the oven @ 240 for 20 min. Put the large drop of oil in the freezer and just swallowed the blob whole and ate some ice cream.... OMG.... That was my limit for sure....but would deff do that again instead of wasting the leftover oil. Thank you all for your help!!!!!
  5. Just so you guys know, you can recharge disposable pens, anything these days that says it's disposable actually has a rechargeable lithium ion cell inside without the circuitry needed to charge it, it's cheaper to use current production lithium ion cells than traditional non-rechargeable cells, since they have more power and are so cheap.

    I buy $30 .25 gram pens with a refillable tip, and once I've gone through it's stock charge and fill I pull the end cap off, gently pull up the suction/hit sensor until the red, black and blue wire solder joints are visible on the sensor, then carefully solder two small jumper wires onto the red and black solder joints, both of which are connected to a small two wire hobby connector (I make it so the connector is taped along the pen's length pointed towards the bottom, so the charge plug fits in from the end of the pen), the opposite of which you can wire to whatever lithium battery charger you have. I plug mine into my fpv drone battery charger. I have one "disposable" pen that has about 12 loads of reclaim (If you aren't yet, load your vape cartridges with reclaim from your dab rig, it's the perfect consistency) oil that I get for free from my brother's rig, and it's still going strong. I look at that first $30 like an investment, after that I smoke for free for weeks until the coil burns out. I love these little pens for their size, you just can't get a more discreet little rig, I use it at work all the time lol. Its tastes that much sweeter knowing it costs me free fifty free too lol.

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  6. There's a reason they're not rechargeable... Have fun when one of them short circuits & blows half your face off as you take a hit.. it'll sure be worth it just to save a few $ right?:rolleyes:.
  7. You do realize they sell rechargeable vape pens right? That use the exact same Li-ion cells that the disposable pens use? That argument falls flat on it's face...
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  8. Okay let's put your arguement "flat on its face", who does your health & safety Checks on these pens that ur fucking with because you're too cheap to pay for a real rechargeable 1... As I said before have fun when the battery meltdowns & takes half your face off when it explodes:thumbsup:

    Seriously why don't you just buy a real rechargeable battery for a vape... No matter what you say or reply with there's NO way your ghetto rigged disposable battery is safe.
  9. Most of the 1ml disposable pens sold today are rechargeable.
    The .5 and less disposable pens don’t need to be rechargeable.
  10. If this is a distillate pen, it doesn’t need to be decarbed. Thc distillate is already de carbed and can be consumed orally as is.

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