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  1. well, my cat just died and I thought that it might be beneficial to use his body like the native Americans used fish when growing plants. yay or nay
  2. wtf, NAY.

    Thats discusting.
  3. NAY. Nasty:confused:
  4. ay that shit will work great dead animals are nutrients and its natural instead of all the bullshit of tossin it to the dump an havin shit burned ya dig
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    Read.....Paused......vomited on the floor......promptly replied NOOOOO!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:

    Unless that wanna see your dead cat every time you smoke your weed. LOL!!
    just watched How High the other day, thought id throw that in there.
  6. Most veterinarians can have your cat cremated for relatively cheap depending on how big it is. I have no clue what kind of mineral breakdown is in cat ash, but if you wanted it to be a kind of spiritual tribute thing that is a way to do it that would be much.....cleaner. Trust me, digging up a decomposing cat corpse to use as fertilizer would NOT be fun. A sterile box of ashes would be easily manageable. Just a thought.
  7. I know this is the organic forum but that is just TOO organic, LOL.
  8. I laughed extremely hard when I read this message. But think about it, if he does that he can like, legitimately name the strain... "Stinky Pussy" LOL. Sorry, remember that as a post someone said they had picked up a strain named that. Had to have a laugh.
    (Sorry about your loss, I miss my cat that died two years ago.)
  9. as long as its outdoors i think its alright
  10. i thought i saw it all...
  11. yeah....I would lean towards trying to not use a dead animal...that doesnt even sound appealing
  12. it's exactly how i'm going to go so why not a cat - i'm going to be cremated and then a tree is planted on top of me

    better than rotting in the ground in my opinion!
  13. I had a feeling when I read the title, and looked at the section, but I thought to myself "There is no way..."



  14. i guess.. but then why not grandma or a cousin then? Maybe i get too attached to family pets lol...
  15. Go for it dude, how awesome would that be if you got to see your cat agian every time you smoked your weed.

    Don't do it if bears or wolverines or wolves or something are gonna dig up your plants to eat it though.
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    As in awesome? The meaning of that phrase has changed way to many times for me to know what you mean.

    Well guys, Honestly I would have much rather have smoked with him than the grand majority of people. So I his spirit will be at peace with mary jane growing from his body, and besides I buried him near my soon to be plantation anyways so I might as well use up the space to grow an extra plant. Also I live in a place free of stuff that would dig it up, I just randomly have like 10achres of woods in my backyard that nobody ever goes into.

    discussing getting your pets high is against the forum rules.
  17. Well, if he's already buried.... I meant sick as not well, but hey, to each his own. If you think your cat would like it, then why not, it's still organic!!! ;)

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