Dead Bigfoot Found!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stoned budda, Aug 13, 2008.

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  2. Shits wild!
  3. sites down
  4. They fuckin' shot Freddie! He was my friend!

    Seriously, 'Bigfoot was found by a company known as 'Searching For Bigfoot inc."...sounds pretty real to me.

    Big, ugly hairy guys with big feet should be very upset by this. I know I am.
  5. yea just saw this too. i belive it
  6. Looks like a Halloween costume that someone threw in a freezer
  7. My thoughts exactly =D

    I'm pretty skeptical of a group called 'searching for bigfoot inc' lol.

  8. i was thinking the same thing. plus, why would they ship the body to california from georgia?
  9. people will make up friend was showing this to me this morning in class

    first thoughts, people WANT to believe theres this 'missing link' between us and theyll make up whatever they can...

    they also have full movies of this beast in colorado and it was disproved..if a VIDEO is disproved, who cant make a fake photo...theres plenty of amazing makeup artists out there
  10. i have my doubts since i thought bigfoot was in cali and skeptical aswell but i really hope this is true so then these three dudes can say fuck you everybody we told you it was real and you all laughed...
  11. uuumm...there is...we have two less chromosomes than apes do, thats quite a gap there...

    i guess well have to see if its tested and analyzed by the scientific community.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Human beings with Down Syndrome have one extra chromosome than normal people

    They're not so far removed from us
  14. yeah but a whole pair? anyway, whats your point?
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  16. Is it really one extra? I thought It was 2, since they have 3 copies of Chromosome 21. Time to google.

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