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  1. Hey everybody, I just recently got my medical card and decided to try my luck at growing.
    I bought a clone from my local dispensary yesterday because everything was finished being hooked up.
    I spent a while researching how I was going to do it and came up with a 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 ft box lined with mylar with one intake hole in the side near the bottom an exhaust on the top on the opposite side. For fans I used 2 CPU fans hooked up to a 12v inverter. For lights I'm using 4 23 watt 6500k CFLs placed 2 on top of the plant and two near the sides. I made sure that they were all 2 inches away from the plant. I watered it and left it under the lights for the night (5pm to 5am cycle).
    I went to check on it after work today and noticed that the leaves were crumpled up and wilted as seen in the picture. I looked and the intake fan wasn't turned on so that means it was under the lights for 5 hours with just an exhaust fan. I'm trying to figure out what exactly was the problem, I know that air circulation was a big problem but I was wondering if maybe my lights were too strong to be used on a baby plant or if I needed to get new fans altogether. 
    Any feedback is appreciated, I want to try again soon and need to know what I should change on this next attempt


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  2. Looks like cooked spinach. I've built a few boxes and tried all types of cheap fans in them, and a $14 bathroom exhaust fan from home depot beats them all. Only issue is the noise, but they beat pc fans and duct boosters in function and reliability (one of mine is 5 years old and runs great, pushes a lot of air). A $5 digital thermometer will tell you your highest and lowest temp and humidity, so you know what's going on when you're not there. Also, put a small fan blowing on your bulbs to keep them cool, I think that if you had done that your damage might not have been total.
    Personally, I like to build a base for my boxes. It stabilized the box and provides an easy light trap, so you can open up plenty of passive intakes without having to elbow each one. I tried using a fan on my intakes once, but the fan motor actually adds to the heat in the box. Exhaust fans don't do that because they're exhausting, lol. So I ditched the intake and my temps dropped by 2-3f
    Here's some pics of the base from my current build, it will sit up on caster wheels allowing fresh air to flow through the filter and up through the canopy. Wood and labor are cheap, make the most of it :)

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  3. So you're positive my fans were the problem?
    I wouldn't mind spending a little money on a good fan but I'm trying to keep it as quiet as possible so I don't think the bathroom fan would work but do you have any suggestions for quieter fans?  I was using the CPU fans only for convenience because I had a few laying around.
    Also what temperature should I be looking to have?
    Thanks for the information
    I'm pretty sure heat was the problem, can't think of anything else that would cause it to fall over dead in a matter of hours, unless somebody sabatoged your grow.
  5. Another possibility is the water you used. If using tap water, you need to let it sit for a few hours with the cap off to let the gases evaporate. You can also get bathroom fans that are quiet, they just cost more.

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