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  1. Saturday morning I was visiting my friend when we decided to go out and buy a cheap ass acrylic bong since I haven't brought mine (we live like 60 miles apart), so I am already a little high and just as I enter the kiosk to ask them if they got bongs I see a person wearing the the uniform with Drug Enforcement Administration written on the back and he also had a gun, needless to say I almost shit myself lol, walked out fast out of that place (had a good amount on me).

    Was that shit forreal or did I get fooled by some guy? I thought the DEA only existed in the U.S./Pakistan with only a few number of agents in the other countries.
  2. dea are heavy in usa if weapon was non concealed safe bet that it was a dea officer. Guess that shop was linked to selling something illegal usually they have to sell water pipes not bongs for it not to be illegal.
  3. Well dea is drug enforcment agency so its in every city in every state that has drugs.

    Smokeshop was probably hot, try to find a new one.
  4. Why where you from? And I don't blame ya I would have slid to the exit slowly haha

  5. I wouldn't want to share my location on these forums haha..
    But I can tell you I'm not from the U.S. and it wasn't a smokeshop, they sell "tobacco" bongs in kiosks here sometimes...
  6. Lmao, yes, the Government is going to track you down based on your country.
  7. furthermore, to believe the dea officer gives a flying fuck about the (i'm guessing) multiple grams you had on you is frivilous

  8. I don't want to incriminate myself any further on these boards but believe me, he will :smoke:
  9. i'm guessing it's standard protocol for you to sprint in the other direction everytime you see a cop car too :rolleyes:

  10. Hell naw, I keep my chill, walk to the closest turn, turn and then sprint like fucking crazy motherfuckaa
  11. your username has so many.... m's... and.... d's... and m's... and a's......
  12. Do you live in the Middle East?

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